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Pope Francis: Silent Voice Friendly with Tyranny vs. Trump: Voice of Freedom?

 Is Pope Francis the silent voice friendly with tyranny while President Trump is the voice for freedom?

On December 31, Newsweek in an article titled "Pope Francis Hated 2017, Calling it a 'Wasted' Year of Death and Lies" reported that Pope Francis said:

Humanity "had 'wasted and wounded' the past year 'in many ways with works of death, with lies and injustice'... The Pope did not reference... individuals in his remarks... Francis was a none-to-subtle critic of President Donald... Trump's policies and actions without mentioning the commander-in-chief by name" in 2017.

Ironically, Francis in the "none-to-subtle" attack on President Trump was unwittingly pointing his finger at his own "policies and actions" as well as his silence in the face of injustice as compared to the President.

The headline on December 29 in the Telegraph was:

"Donald Trump Condemns Arrest Of Iran Protesters"

President Trump earlier in the year, also, condemned the Venezuela regimes arrests and murders of the Venezuelan freedom protesters.

The answer to the above question appears to be:

President Trump is the voice for freedom.

Pope Francis appears to be the silent voice friendly with tyranny.

It appears the answer is that Pope Francis is a real life "Hitler's Pope" who is silent when totalitarian leftist or Islamic regimes brutalize the people under their oppression.

John Cromwell's book "Hitler's Pope" is a disinformation work with the narrative that Pope Pius Xll was pro-Hitler.

Rabbi David Dalin and others have "provided detailed evidence of misquotation, misrepresentation and even malice" in Cromwell's text that slanders Pius who worked against the Nazi regime. (Catholic Herald, "The end of the 'Hitler's Pope myth," March 9, 2017)

Unfortunately, it appears that Pope Francis fits the Cromwell narrative in his apparent propping up of the leftist dictator Nicolas Maduro and his silence before the Iranian regime's brutality.

First, we'll do a parody of Wikipedia's summary of "Hitler's Pope" replacing Francis for Pius then show that the facts appear to fit the parody:

The author examines the actions of Pope Francis during the leftist dictatorship era of Nicolas Maduro and the Islamic anti-Christian tyranny of Iran as well as explores the charges that he assisted the legitimization of the totalitarian Iranian Islamic regime and the dictator's regime in Venezuela, through the pursuit of "dialogue" and silence.

He was silent, for the most part, when Islamic terrorist killed Christians in the Middle East and Europe.

He subordinated opposition to the murderous tyranny to the goal of leftist and Islamic ideology. He farther argued that Francis was anti-capitalist and anti-West as well as that this stance prevented him from caring about the brutalized people of Iran and Venezuela who protested against the Islamic and leftist regimes.

Francis in "Laudato si" said of the free market economic system that:

"Such an economy kills"

The Pope appears to think that Islamic and socialist economies such as the Iranian and Venezuelan systems are the model to oppose the free market system.

This may be the reason why Francis is silent about:

-the arrests and killings of freedom protesters in Iran.

-the numerous Islamic murders of Christians during the Christmas season of 2017.

(Even the leftist pro-Francis Crux wrote: "In the face of such realities, it's striking that Pope Francis so far has chosen not to make any direct mention of such anti-Christian violence during this Christmas season." (Crux, "Is Pope struggling with limits of rhetoric on Christian violence?," December 29, 2017))

- the planning of government snipers to kill peaceful protesters (Miami Herald, "In secret recording Venezuelan general pushes for snipers to control demonstrators," May 18, 2017)

- of at least 70 murders by the dictatorship

-of over 3,000 arrests of demonstrators by the Maduro forces. (The Washington Post, "In Venezuela, prisoners say abuse is so bad they are forced to eat pasta mixed with excrement," June 24, 2017)

Ideology instead of reality may drive the silence.

On April 25, 2017 Caracas reported:

"The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said this Monday that Venezuela is at risk of a food crisis.

It appears that it is the socialist economy that kills.

It appears ideology not reality may drive the silence of Francis.

Even the left-leaning Crux, for a moment supported the above narrative saying as "the crisis deepens and the brutalization of the Venezuelan people continues, the curious case of Vatican diplomacy continues. The Pope goes silent."

Fr. Raymond de Souza in the article also wrote:

"As I wrote earlier, lack of clear condemnation by Pope Francis of the Maduro regime, at a time when the local bishops had been courageous, was compromising the credibility of the Holy See's diplomacy. It appeared that leftist Latin American autocrats were immune from the fierce language the Holy Father routinely uses for financiers or arms traders."

However, being true to the leftist tendencies of the website the article retreaded from the above narrative saying "Francis was following a master plan that just needed time to bear fruit." (Crux, "The curious diplomacy in Venezuela," June 24, 2017)

Top exiled Venezuelan freedom leader Professor Carlos Casanova disagrees with Crux about Francis having a master plan against the dictator.

The professor asked the Pope to stop continuously calling for Chamberlain/Hitler-like dialogues as Francis did again on June 5.

The Venezuelan exiled leader said foreign born dictator Maduro's regime had caused a food crisis in the country.

Casanova addressed the following to Francis saying:

"Nazi Germany held dialogues... just to have time to consolidate it's power... Not every use of force is violence. When you have a gang of foreign genocidal maniacs trying to starve a people... you are inciting a very evil form of violence, without perhaps realizing it, just by failure to rightly assess the situation." (, "The Current Destruction of Venezuela & The Role of the Church," June 6, 2017)

The Miami Herald on February 8 said that Francis's dialogue and mediation efforts "legitimized... Maduro, throwing him a lifeline... Pope Francis... stop being an obstacle in restoration of democratic rule in Venezuela." (Miami Herald, "Pope Francis get out of Venezuela. You're only making things worse," February 8, 2017)

Now it needs to be asked why even the leftist pro-Francis Crux is questioning: why the Pope is silent as Christians are being murdered by Islamic terrorists and other terrorists?

Lastly, why is Francis silent as the Iranian regime arrests and kills freedom protesters?

It appears that the anti-Christian Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani and Pope Francis in their 2016 meeting at the Vatican became very friendly with each other.

The Catholic Herald said the "Vatican announced that the two men discussed 'common spiritual values.'"

What "common spiritual values" do the Pope and Iranian leader share?

The Herald said:

-"Iranian leaders may fawn over Pope Francis in public, but privately they see the Holy See as a useful tool for achieving their global ambitions."

-"It [Iran] is stable because it is a tyranny, and an explicitly anti-Christian one at that."
(Catholic Herald, "Why Iran is really cosying up to the Vatican," January 28, 2016)

What "common spiritual values" does Francis share with the anti-Christian tyrant Hassan Rouhani and his terrorist sponsoring regime which even the leftist CNN is reporting that at least 12 persons have been killed in the Iranian protests?

Sadly for Catholics, Francis appears to be the silent voice friendly with tyranny while Trump is the voice for freedom.

President Trump does not have have "common spiritual values" with Rouhani.

Fox News in an article titled "Trump fires back at Rouhani slam amid deadly Iran protests" reported that the President tweeted:

"Iran, the Number One State of Sponsored Terror with numerous violations of Human Rights occurring on an hourly basis, has now closed down Internet so that peaceful demonstrators cannot communicate. Not good!"


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