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Bridge to Hell of Bp. McElroy: "Chasity" not "Central Virtue" in Defending Martin who says Chasity not required of Gays

-Bp. McElroy & Bp. Chaput helping the Heretical Fr. Martin in Building a Bridge to Hell-

Bishop Robert McElroy's San Deigo diocese went bankrupt after it paid $660 million to sex abuse victims.
(The San Diego Union-Tribune, September 10, 2017)

This happened because it's sex abusing priests, a vast majority of whom were homosexuals, didn't have the virtue of chasity.

Unbelievably, McElroy, in defending homosexual activist Fr. James Martin (who refuses to say if he is a homosexual or not), claims:

"But chasity is not the central virtue... Our central call is to love the Lord our God... Many times, our discussion in the church suggest that chasity has a singular powerful role in determining our moral character or our relationship with God. It does not."

"This distortion of our faith cripples many of our discussions of sexuality in general and homosexuality in particular."
(America, "Bishop McElroy: Attacks on Father James Martin expose a cancer with the U.S. Catholic Church," September 18, 2017)

Does McElroy believe:

That so long as homosexual priests "love the Lord our God" then sex abusing gay priest's chasity "is not the central virtue."

After all, the "singularly powerful role" of chasity in morality is a "distortion of our faith" which only "cripples many of our discussions of... homosexuality."

The sex abuse victims of the homosexual priests, I am sure, 100 percent disagree with McElroy's claim that chasity "is not the central virtue."

Martin, who McElroy defends, says chasity is not required of homosexuals because it is not a "received" teaching. (YouTube, "James Martin on Same-Sex Marriage, Humanae Virtae and Ex-Gays," September 20. 2017)

It is obvious that Martin is not a Catholic. That is he no longer holds to the moral teachings of the Church.

Is McElroy a Catholic? If he is, why is he defending Martin?

You can't be a Catholic unless you believe all the teachings of the Church.

As Cardinal Sarah said you can not love the Lord our God unless you keep all His commandments and "all the unchanging teachings of Christ."
(Wall Street Journal, "How Catholics Can Welcome LGBT Believers," August 31, 2017)

Cardinal Sarah's call for chasity for LGBT persons contrasts with:

-Bishop McElroy's claim that the "singularly powerful role" of chasity for homosexuals "is not the central virtue" and a "distortion of our faith"

-The heresy that chasity is not required of homosexuals proclaimed by Martin who McElroy and Bishop Charles Chaput defend.

Chaput said:

"Fr. Martin is a man of intellect and skill whose work I often admire." (First Things, "Civility and Church Life," September 21, 2017)

Martin is promoting mortal sin.

What he is promoting is that persons go to hell by continuing in unrepented mortal sin until death.

Martin is not promoting persons ask God for mercy for their mortal sins and to stop sinning so they can love God.

In defending Martin, Chaput and McElroy are abetting the heresy that chasity is not required of homosexuals.

Chaput and McElroy are helping Martin build a bridge to hell.


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