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Catholic Therapy

1. How do I know which books or tapes are right for me?
If you are new to Dr. Baars and Dr. Terruwe's work, Born Only Once is a good place to start. Suzanne Baars tape set, "Made In His Image" is also a good place to start. If you would like an in-depth discussion of Emotional Deprivation Disorder, please read Healing the Unaffirmed. For questions and answers about the emotional life, Feeling and Healing Your Emotions is written in an easy to understand fashion. See our book description page for further information.

2. Which book should I start with?
Born Only Once is a good, concise little book on affirmation and an excellent place to start. Suzanne Baars' tape set, "Made In His Image" is also a good place to start for an overall understanding of her father's work.

3. I don't like to read. Is there a tape that's right for me?
Born Only Once is on audiotape and can be purchased through Living His Life Abundantly®, International, Inc. It is ID #: AC1291 or through Suzanne Baars. "Made In His Image" by Suzanne Baars is also on audiotape. There are some other helpful tapes available. Please see our Tape and CD page as well as our order form for titles. Some audio and video tapes can be ordered through Living His Life Abundantly International, Inc. See also our page on audio tapes from Moments of Truth Live and The Abundant Life.

4. Why were Dr. Baars' and Dr. Terruwe's books revised and updated?

In the United States, the standard for works in psychology/psychiatry/counseling is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR, American Psychiatric Association, 2000). Books written in the mental health field need to be in a compatible format. Dr. Baars works were written to a 1968 DSM-II standard. Standards have changed greatly since then. If the books were reprinted with the old terminology, deprivation neurosis (Emotional Deprivation Disorder) would not be accepted into the DSM. In addition, terms such as “neurosis” are no longer accepted by the American Psychiatric Association as diagnostic terms, therefore, “deprivation neurosis” and "obsessive-compulsive neurosis" are obsolete terms. The books needed revision in this very important area of diagnostic terminology.


1. Where can I find a therapist who practices this way?
There are a limited number of therapists who understand Dr. Terruwe and Dr. Baars' work and put it into practice. If you would like to find out if there is a therapist near you that we can recommend, please send an email to with the area of the country you live in and we will let you know if there is a therapist in your area.

2. Why doesn't my therapist know about this therapy?
There are many theories in the world of psychology today. Since this therapy incorporates the spiritual aspect of the human person, it is not in the mainstream of psychology today. We pray that with the advent of the Internet and the republication of a number of Dr. Baars' and Dr. Terruwe's books in the English language, more therapists will come to know and embrace the truths found in this therapy.

3. Is phone or Internet therapy okay for Emotional Deprivation Disorder?
It is important for someone with Emotional Deprivation Disorder to be able to have a face-to-face relationship with a therapist or an affirming person. It is important for an unaffirmed person to be able to see his or her goodness reflected in the eyes, facial expression and body language of that person. Unfortunately, that's not possible through phone or Internet therapy. It's best to try to find a face-to-face relationship whenever possible.

4. How can I introduce my therapist to this information?
Introducing a therapist to Dr. Terruwe and Dr. Baars' work through books and tapes can be quite helpful in a therapeutic relationship. Not all therapists will have time to read the books and listen to the tapes, however. It is important to have a warm, caring and understanding therapist who can see your goodness and reveal it to you.

5. There isn't an affirmation therapist in my area. What should I look for in a therapist?
Look for a therapist who is warm, caring, and understanding and has a good understanding of the healthy emotional life. See our page on Affirmation Therapy.

6. I'm a Christian. Do I need a Christian therapist?
It's important to have a good, comfortable relationship with your therapist. It's also very important to have someone who can understand the spiritual aspect of your life. If your therapist practices a different religion than you do, it is important to try to have a priest, minister or spiritual director of your faith tradition to help you with issues that involve religion or God. It's not always possible to receive important and necessary information for healing from someone who doesn't understand your faith background. Even though is not essential that your therapist be Christian, it's very helpful.

7. Does the person who affirms me have to be a therapist?

No, it is not necessary that the person who affirms an unaffirmed person is a therapist. It can be a pastor, priest, spiritual director, special relative or friend that God places in one's life. It is important that an unaffirmed person have a therapeutic relationship though.

8. How long can one expect to be in affirmation therapy?

That depends on how affirmed or unaffirmed a person is. Everyone is different and comes to therapy with different backgrounds, different parents, different family and living situations, different friends, etc. In therapy, because individuals grow through developmental stages that they missed in life, it takes longer than many other therapies and takes patience and understanding on the part of the therapist. The affirmation therapist is not looking for quick fixes to an immediate problem. The therapist is looking for life-long healing and wholeness. For persons with Emotional Deprivation Disorder, treatment can take a number of years.


1. Is affirmation the same as saying "affirmations" to yourself?
No, it isn't. Affirmation is the emotional strengthening of another person. It is essentially unconditional love and acceptance of another person. It is being receptive to another person's goodness in an affective manner and revealing that person's goodness back to him or her.

Repeating "affirmations" can be a way of trying to convince one's intellect that one is good and worthwhile. A person needs to feel good and worthwhile on an emotional level, however and that must be revealed through another person.

2. I'm unaffirmed. What do I do now?
It's important to become affirmed by someone else, whether that person is a therapist or another caring person. First, it's good to find a therapeutic relationship that you are comfortable with. Second, it's very helpful to read Dr. Baars and Dr. Terruwe's books and listen to the available tapes. It is important to learn to live more affectively as opposed to effectively. In other words, it's important to "be" more and "do" less.

Born Only Once is a very helpful book to read to learn to live this way. As a person learns to live more affectively, he or she naturally becomes more open and receptive to affirmation when it comes into his or her life through another person.

3. I know someone who I believe is unaffirmed. How can I help this person?
Be there for this unaffirmed person. Let them see their goodness and worth through your eyes, facial expression and body language. Read Born Only Once and Healing the Unaffirmed if you have not already done so. These books have some excellent information on helping unaffirmed persons.

4. I'm an older adult. Is it too late for me to become affirmed?
It's never too late to be affirmed by another person. One can help the process by learning to live "the affirming life."

5. Can I affirm my child too much?
You cannot affirm someone too much. You can overindulge or spoil a child through giving the child too many "things" or allowing the child to manipulative, but you can never give too much "authentic" affirmation. Affirmation is about receiving the goodness of another into your heart and revealing it to that person through your eyes, facial expression, and body language, etc. It's "being there" for another person. See our page on Affirmation Therapy.

6. I have not been able to affirm my children. How can I help them now?
Learn to live the affirming life. Find a good, warm, caring and understanding therapist. (Marriage and family therapy is a good idea, too!) Read the different Baars & Terruwe books, listen to the different tapes and understand what it is to have a healthy emotional life. Take time to learn to "be." A good idea is to read Born Only Once if you haven't already done so. Find out what "denial" is (the opposite of affirmation) so that you can avoid denying your children and others. As you become affirmed, you will be able to be affirming to them.

7. What is self-affirmation?
It is an attempt to affirm oneself by trying to prove to others that one is good and worthwhile. It may be in the form of striving for success, fame or power. It is an unhealthy process which is discussed in Feeling and Healing Your Emotions, Healing the Unaffirmed and Born Only Once. Please see these books for more information.

8. How do I learn to live the affirming life?

The topic of learning to live the affirming life is a very profound one and one that cannot be adequately answered in such a small space. It's learning to "be present to everything in creation" and it's learning how to live more quietly and unhurriedly. Most importantly it's learning to "be." Born Only Once is very helpful in understanding this important concept of how to live the affirming life. Feeling and Healing Your Emotions and Healing the Unaffirmed are good follow-up books.

Suzanne M. Baars, M.A.

1. How will I know if Suzanne Baars will be talking in my area?
We have an email information and announcement list that you can sign up to receive current information. We also have email discussion groups which you can join. We post information on those lists. We also will post information on this website.

2. How can I find out when Suzanne Baars will be on television again?
You can sign up for our email information and announcement list. We try to keep current information on upcoming conferences and television appearances there. We also will post information on this website. You can also check the website for Living His Life Abundantly® International, Inc.

3. How can I invite Suzanne Baars to talk in my area?
Contact her through her office in Dallas or email her at

In His Image Christian Counseling Service, 3213 N. MacArthur Blvd., Suite 202, Irving, Texas 75062.


1. "It is not body or spirit, but body and spirit, interacting by means of intellect and emotions (psyche), which enable us to love God." (Baars)

Questions about Symptoms and Disorders

1. How do I deal with my anger?
Anger is a very difficult subject to write briefly about. Feeling and Healing Your Emotions is a good resource to find an in-depth discussion. The tapes on "anger" and "premature forgiveness" by Dr. Baars are also very helpful. It's important to realize that the emotion of anger is a good and necessary emotion. It plays a very important role in our lives.

2. What is Emotional Deprivation Disorder?
Emotional Deprivation Disorder is a syndrome that results from a lack of authentic affirmation in early life. Read our page on Emotional Deprivation Disorder.

3. Is it okay to diagnose myself?

It's always best to have a therapist make a diagnosis of an emotional disorder. Many people recognize themselves in Dr. Baars and Dr. Terruwe's books, however, it's important to have an objective person who can look at the whole picture.

4. I have OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). What can I do to help myself?

It's important to find a warm, caring and understanding therapist, preferably one who understands Dr. Terruwe's and Dr. Baars' therapy for repressive disorders. It's also important to read and understand the concepts in Psychic Wholeness and Healing and Feeling and Healing Your Emotions. There are a number of tapes that are helpful also, especially the "Affirmation and Psychic Incarnation" self-help tapes by Dr. Conrad W. Baars. One must learn about the emotional life and that all emotions are good and necessary to one's psychological health and wholeness.

Information for Therapists

1. I'm a therapist. How can I learn how to practice this way?
For a therapist to be an effective Affirmation Therapist, he or she must be an affirmed and mature person. He or she must also know and understand the concepts presented in the different books and on the tapes by Dr. Anna Terruwe, Dr. Conrad Baars and Suzanne Baars. These concepts include the healthy emotional life, emotional deprivation disorder, affirmation therapy, repressive disorders including fear-based repression, energy-based repression and obsessive-compulsive repression, rational guidance of one's emotions and mortification therapy of sexual obsessions and compulsions. One must also learn about and live "the affirming life."

Please email for further information.

2. Can I become certified in this therapy?
At this time we do not have a way to certify therapists in Affirmation Therapy. We hope that we will be able to do so in the future. We also hope to have regular conferences for therapists in the future.

3. What books are most important to read?
All the books are important to read and understand. Each book contributes valuable information to the whole picture. Psychic Wholeness and Healing has important information about the human person's "normal" psychology and information about repressive disorders and their treatment. Healing the Unaffirmed has an extensive discussion on Emotional Deprivation Disorder and proper therapy for unaffirmed persons. Both of these books are very important for the therapist to read and understand.

If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Terruwe's and Dr. Baars' work, Suzanne Baars' tape set "Made In His Image" is a good overview. Born Only Once is an excellent starting book for clients or patients to read to begin their path to psychological wholeness.

See the book description page for more complete information on the other books, especially Born Only Once, Feeling and Healing Your Emotions and The Unquiet Heart.

Dr. Conrad Baars also made a number of audiocassettes which are helpful for both therapist and client or patient. These tapes include:

"Affirmation & Psychic [Psychological] Incarnation: For Emotionally & Spiritually Troubled People" (3 tape set)

"Fear is Useless - What is Needed is Trust"/"Don't Look at the Waves - Look at Jesus"

"Speak Lord - An Aid to Meditation"/"Be Still - An Aid to Contemplation"

"Premature Forgiving - When to Forgive and How"/"Healing Prayer for Psychic [Psychological] Wholeness"

These books and tapes are available through Michael Baars on the order form page.

4. How can I connect with other therapists who either know this therapy or are learning it?

We have created a therapist discussion list so we will have a forum for therapists to discuss Dr. Baars and Dr. Terruwe's work. If you would like an invitation to join, please send an email to or contact Bonnie Shayne (We ask that only mental health professionals and students apply so that this can be a clinical discussion list. Thank you for understanding. If you are not a therapist, please join one of our other email discussion groups.)


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