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By Richard Salbato

Taxes are rising when more and more people are losing their jobs. Bailout monies are given away to corrupt and incompetent institutions so that they can continue gambling on their exotic derivatives. Your children and grand children will be paying off these debts for decades to come.

The reality is: these debts can never be paid off. America is heading towards a massive collapse at all levels: federal, state, municipal, private corporations…. society, families, personal…

Like the People of the Philippines, then Poland, then Russia and 87 other countries from 1984 until 1990 these people went to the streets and took back their countries by people power, people who were willing to stand up to oppressive governments and take back the power, people who were willing to monitor voting booths and stop fraud.

The people of Iran are risking their lives right now for freedom, are you willing to do the same?

By Richard Salbato - 7-6-2009

There are very informed people who have predicted that the Federal, State and Local governments of the United States will completely shut down by 2012, the last year of Obama’s presidency. This is not based on some Pagan Indian or Christian prophesy, but by pure logic and simple mathematical calculations. There are things happening in the world that almost no News Agency has reported on.

I always go by simple logic, what works and what does not. Show me the results, the long-term consequences, good or bad, and then I will listen to you.

The best non-religious person I have ever read on future trends, is Gerald Celente. As far as I know he has been 100% correct on his predictions. He predicted the dot-com boom and bust, every recession since President Carter, the housing boom and bust, the banking collapse, etc. I read one if his first books years ago, predicting that we would become the information age, and predicted the Invention and expansion of the Internet world wide. He also predicted the end of the house phone, and the spread of cell phones before we ever had them. I am still waiting his prediction of the end of TV because of computers.

To understand what I mean by Obamageddon, let us look at the facts and extend them out to 2012, but I will show later how this may happen this year. What am I talking about? Thinking people are predicting the greatest world wide economic depression in history, and civil riots as the consequence. Thinking people are seeing the total collapse of most of the governments throughout the world. Here are the facts:

Fact 1 - Economics

Debt is not a problem to people or to nations providing that the debt produces more wealth than it costs - it produces more wealth than it costs in payments per year. Let us look at the American debt.

The current debt (deficit, promises for those big programs, SSI, Medicare, Medical, pensions, veterans health care, government employees retirement obligations and medical care) comes to a total of $43 trillion -$145,000 per American , or $350,000 for every full-time worker. This does not include the not yet passed Cap and Trade and Health care bills. That is not what the News Media is telling me.

The trade deficit - the difference between what America imports and what it exports - is the highest it's ever been, both in absolute numbers and in comparison to the size of the economy. As a society, Americans are on track this year to spend $680 billion more on foreign goods such as Chinese-made clothes, Japanese-made cars and Scandinavian cell phones than overseas buyers do on American goods. It is now, roughly 6.5 percent of the total economy.

Americans, who go into debt to keep living a life beyond their means, are spending more and more of that borrowed money to buy goods from overseas. At the same time, the government provides more services to the public than it can afford to - and goes into debt to cover the cost.

Other nations actually purchase that debt, in the form of U.S. Treasury bonds and notes. Those bonds have increasingly been snapped up not just by private investors but by foreign banks. Japanese investors hold the most U.S. debt, but China has been buying more than any other country in recent months. The biggest trade deficit is with China at $162 billion. Japan is next, at $75 billion.

In a very real sense, the U.S. economy is dependent on the central banks of Japan, China and other nations to invest in U.S. Treasuries and keep American interest rates down. The low rates keep American consumers buying imported goods.

But the lack of fiscal discipline in the United States is undermining the value of the American dollar, thereby lowering the value of the U.S. Treasuries in foreign banks. As the dollar's value drops, other nations' willingness to keep investing cannot last.

If those banks reduced their dollar holdings or were simply less willing to invest so much, it could spark a sharp fall in the value of the dollar and that could create a host of economic problems.

China's decision last month to uncouple the value of its currency from the dollar and tie it instead to a basket of different currencies could make the dollar's position less exposed to a quick shift by international investors - or it could spur those investors to look elsewhere and leave the United States' position more precarious. Now, instead of holding American Dollars, nations like China are hording oil, coal, gold, wheat and corn. Instead of holding Dollars, they are holding commodities because they know the dollar will go down and the commodities will go up.


World "experts" in money markets like Cliyde Prestowitz, Warren Buffet and George Soros are betting on a major crash of the dollar in the near future. Prestowitz thinks it will be greater than the Great Depression of the 1930s. Here are the reasons.

As the debts go up, the government needs more money, but if they tax the people more, they end up with less because more people end up out of work, and business cannot grow. To sell bonds they have to raise the interest on the bonds, and that raises the interest at banks, mortgages, credit of all kinds, which slows the GDP and jobs.

If they print money that is not backed by GDP they create the greatest hyper-inflation, which is the worst kind of tax on everyone and this will cause the great depression. Already in the last 5 months we have printed one trillion un-backed dollars, and will have to print trillions more very soon. Within two years, what one dollar can buy now, will cost two dollars.

Baby Boomers

Adding to this problem is the coming retirement of the baby boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1964. To commemorate this occasion, the Census Bureau has compiled a collection of facts relating to, perhaps, our most celebrated generation.

78.2 million - Estimated number of baby boomers, as of July 1, 2005.

7,918 - Number of people turning 60 each day in 2006, according to projections. That amounts to 330 every hour.

How much does that add to the unfunded SSI per year? Most of these people will live past 80 and 90 and that means they will collect an average of $275,000 x 78,000,000 people. And this does not include the future cost of Medicare. Congress knows this but will not talk about it. Where is the news media, the so-called watchdog of government?

Real Unemployment Rate

Here is a June 2009 version of the summary that calculates the Effective Unemployment Rate, which is now 18.70%, and the Effective Number of Unemployed, which is now 30,172,000.

There are currently 14,729,000 officially unemployed workers, as announced. However, this figure does not include the combined 15,443,000 workers either (1) in the “labor force reserve” because they have abandoned their job searches (i.e., 4,278,000) or (2) underemployed because they are “part-time of necessity” (i.e., 8,989,000) or “otherwise marginally attached” (i.e., 2,176,000).

The effective unemployment rate is therefore 18.70%, instead of the official 9.51%.

Since the start of the recession in December 2007, the number of workers who are officially unemployed has increased by 7,188,000, while almost twice as many workers - 13,290,000 - have become effectively unemployed. And all the while, we should have been creating around 2,250,000 new jobs (i.e., 18 months times 125,000 jobs per month) just to keep up with population growth.

In June, the number of workers officially unemployed increased 218,000, while the number of workers effectively unemployed actually decreased 35,000.

It’s important to see the entire picture of America’s jobs profile — no matter how unpleasant.

I recognize that credit bubble related recoveries are hard to work out and are usually quite slow — with job growth at the back end. This all makes sense — but with Christina Romer out raising expectations again with giddy talk predicting a V-shaped recovery and given the “jobs, jobs, jobs” mantra of President Obama himself — the gap between the job figures expected and the disappointing economic realities generated may be politically consequential.

Gerald Celente Predicts Public Revolt

Trends Research Institute opines : Taxed to death, angry at government bailouts, outraged by Wall Street greed, and bitterly resentful of a system that rewards the undeserving rich, the American public is ready to revolt.

“The Tea Parties and Tax Protests sprouting across the nation, which we had predicted, are harbingers of revolution,” said Gerald Celente, Director of The Trends Research Institute. “But they are not enough. Much stronger and directed action is required. Our call for ‘Revolution’ will galvanize the people, destroy the corrupt ruling systems, and produce a prosperous and more just nation.”

The Revolution Celente proposes is unique in concept and bold in execution. It is about a lot more than just “taxation without representation.”

“Nothing short of total repudiation of our entrenched systems can rescue America,” said Celente. “We are under the control of a two-headed, one party political system. Wall Street controls our financial lives; the media manipulates our minds. These systems cannot be changed from within. There is no alternative. Without a revolution, these institutions will bankrupt the country, keep fighting failed wars, start new ones, and hold us in perpetual intellectual subjugation.”

The country is restless, and ripe for radical reform. There is no doubt protests will proliferate and intensify. In response, the government will call out the troops and bring in the police. They will use the Patriot Act to silence, detain, harass, persecute and prosecute groups and individuals exercising their Constitutional rights. But Celente’s Revolution need not degenerate into violence or open warfare.

“Intellectual Revolution”
“I am calling for an ‘Intellectual Revolution’. I ask American citizens to free their minds from the tyranny of ‘Dumb Think.’ This is a revolution about thinking – not manning the barricades. It’s about brain power – not brute force.”

For society to survive and grow, it must wake up and grow up. Americans must acknowledge what their opinions are based on, who they listen to … and why.

What are America’s prime information sources? CNN, “The most trusted name in news”? Fox, “Fair and balanced”? CNBC, “First in Business Worldwide”? The New York Times, “All the news that’s fit to print”?

Who do the people listen to? A closed circuit of familiar faces guaranteed to take predictable positions. Authorities on nothing, yet pronouncing upon everything; a cadre of media aristocrats, pretending they’re the people’s voice.

TV tough guys, broadcast big mouths and Beltway blowhards have now been joined by featherweight comics throwing powder puff punches at sitting targets.

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Israel – Iran War & the Media

Now if you think the above is a little exaggerated, lets see what you do not know from the media. Now each of these facts has been reported someplace at least once, but never put together so that people can see the relevance of this news. A few months ago Israel held the first nation wide civil defense drills in its history, involving every citizen. Israel has had two Bomber exercises where they flew out of the Mediterranean Sea and back without stopping. The exact amount of miles it would take to bomb Iran and return home.

In the last week an Israel Sub crossed the Suez canal with the permission of Egypt. Permission was given to Israel by Saudi Arabia (secretly) to fly over Saudi Arabia if they attack Iran. America has just stated that they would not get in the way if Israel attacked Iran’s military and Nuclear Plants. In a recent pole, 78% of Israel’s citizens said they see no other choice accept to attack Iran as soon as possible.

Israel has an anti-missal system called the Arrow, which is one of the best in the world, and they have bought hundreds of Patriots from America. They are not worried about Iranian missals, but they do know that Hezbollah and Gaza will be a problem. They will have to fight two wars at the same time a third war with Iran. All indication are that this will happen in the next few weeks or months, taking advantage of the fact that most of Iranians are against their own government and will overthrow the government with a slight help from Israel.

Now, how does that affect what I have written above? What will Iran do in this attack? First they will try to stop the bombers, but they have not yet received the grown to air missals they bought from Russia. Just like they did to Syria before bombing their nuclear Plant, Israel will disrupt the entire electrical grid and communications, even radio and TV. They will first hit the command and control, then the military troops, the air ports and the harbors. Last they will bomb over and over the Nuclear Plants.

What then will Iran do? They will try to fight the jets and bombers but quickly their air force will be demolished. They already know they cannot hit Israel, but they may try. What they can do, and will, is bomb the oil fields of Saudi Arabia and as many ships with oil in the straights of Hormuz as they can. They will try to punish the West by stopping the flow of oil and since 60% of the world’s oil passes the Straights of Hormuz this will harm the world’s economies within a week.

Even though we get almost no oil from the Middle East, the price is fixed by world wide supply and demand. The price will jump up to at least $200.00 per barrel in one day. The price at the pump will be over $5.00, but much worse in Europe.

That is why I say that the prediction for 2012 may in fact be 2009.

Tea Parties and the Media

Now if you did not get the above information from the News Media, you are not surprised that not one News Outlet covered the thousands of Tea Parties on the Forth of July. Over 300,000 people went to these Tea Parties and the news media did not even want you to know about it. Why?

Sarah Palin & the Media

Why does the Major News Media attack and attack Sarah Palin in the most blatant slander in the history of America? I do not need to detail all these attacks because you know them, the News Media loves to attack her over and over but not cover the real news as shown above. So many attacks have come upon her that it has cost the Alaskan government $2,000.000 in court trials and it cost her $500,000. The reason for these attacks is that poles show that she has the most favorable pole rating, 78%, of any other politician, and would win any election she wants to run in. This makes both Democrats and Republicans afraid of her.

The most recent attack on her, is the New York Times, who reported that the FBI was investigating her for something, but they did not know what. It was a bad move by the NYT because her lawyer contacted the FBI and there is no investigation or any even asked for. Now her lawyer is going to sue them and any other news media that slanders her without facts.

What they are afraid of they attack or ignore.

Control of Elections & the Media

The last election had hundreds of thousands of votes that were fraud, and the FBI is investigating this in at least 13 states so far. This is not reported by the media. Acorn is being investigated by District Attorneys in 8 states for voter fraud and not one media outlet is reporting on this except Glen Beck. Most recently Obama transfer the authority over the census to the executive branch where there is no oversight by the Congress, and now they are going to put Acorn in charge of this.

Now, consider this, almost all union members vote Democratic and most union members work for the government – fed, state, and local. Most teachers, policeman, firefighters, government health workers are union members. Right now 28% of the work force works for the government. That means the right off the bad, Democrats have 28% they can count on for votes. By expanding the government another 10% before the next elections in 18 months, they can have a block of 38% of the vote. If you add to that another 10% who are collecting welfare, food stamps or extended unemployment checks, they have 48% without even trying.

Acorn & the Media

Acorn is part of a conglomorate of over 250 Tax free organizations who receive hundreds of millions of dollars from the Federal and State government (even the Catholic Church) and they refuse to let anyone look at their books to see where the money goes. What news media is covering this, and why not?

Honduras & the Media

Now lets look at how the media covered the Honduran President problem. I am sure all you know is that the military arrested their elected President, Manuel Zelaya, and sent him out of the country in a military coup. Obama and the Organization of American States have condemned the action as a blow against Democracy and asked that he be reinstated. That’s what you know but is it the truth?

The truth is that Zelaya was elected 3 -1/2 years ago and had 6 more months in office. But because of his socialist ideas he lost his support and today has less than 30% popularity. He knew this so he tried to change the constitution so that he could continue at president for 4 more years. The Supreme Court of Honduras ruled that he cannot do that. The Congress of Honduras voted that he cannot do it and cannot call a referendum to change the Constitution. He refused to obey the Supreme Court or the Congress, so the government ordered the military to remove him from office. This is the democratic way and was proper. Even the Church wanted Zelaya out of office and impeached.

Why then has the news media, Obama and OAS sided with Zelaya? First of all, Obama thinks Presidents are all powerful, even over the Constitution, which he violates everyday. OAS is mostly made of Socialist countries and do not like Constitutional governments. The news media is progressive, meaning they do not like fixed laws.

Now I ask again, are you being properly informed?


Our Lady of Fatima promised that in the end Her Immaculate Heart will triumph and there will be a period of peace in the world. This has not happened and in fact it does not seem possible the way the world is going now.

Considering that from a theological point of view, peace without justice is not peace, then there is no peace unless there is world wide justice. The peace of the Romans was just the lack of war, but without justice. Mary's peace has to be with justice for all, quoting the American constitution.

Last year all the bishops of Nicaragua, celebrated the anniversary of Our Lady's apparitions there, where she predicted a third world war. Also in this same century Our Lady of Akita talked about a world wide war. A world wide war in terms of many countries going against many other countries is not possible today since there is only one superpower, American.

Even if America was hit with a first strike destroying all her cities, they still would win a war just with their Tridentine Submarine system, which could take out all the major industrialized countries of the world and more. However, there is a world wide war that could happen and this is what I wrote about in 1984 in The Ark of Apocalypse - simultaneous civil wars world wide.

God will not be mocked

The only thing that could cause a world wide simultaneous civil war scenario is a world economic crash. This is the only scenario that fits all the 104 prophesies I have read and the only scenario I can envision that can bring about Mary's Triumph.

The price will be high and no one will like it but in the end God will not be mocked by anti-God governments like in Europe, anti-life governments like in America and England, anti-freedom governments like in China and some Arab countries. God will not be mocked by liberal theologies in the Catholic Church or the disobedience of traditionalists, or the acceptance of false apparitions, or the 80% of Catholics who practice birth control and have abortions.

God will not be mocked by the failure of Christians to come together in the true Body of Christ even after 70 years of pleading. God has to do this because we are not doing it.

I am convinced God will shake the world into sanity and I look forward to it. You might as well look forward to it, because there is no other way to bring about peace with justice.

If Somalia and America's civil wars are any guide line, we can expect more deaths in civil wars than in all the other wars combined. Maybe, as the bible says, there will be few people left on earth after this.

People Power

Americans are gradually waking up. But more Americans need to quickly awaken to the state of their country. The country is in a big mess and going downhill to a hyper-inflationary depression. Their government is not serving them, it is serving the corrupt financial interest. The corrupt Wall Street banksters have taken over the entire system.

Taxes are rising when more and more people are losing their jobs. Bailout monies are given away to corrupt and incompetent institutions so that they can continue gambling on their exotic derivatives. Your children and grand children will be paying off these debts for decades to come.

The reality is: these debts can never be paid off. America is heading towards a massive collapse at all levels: federal, state, municipal, private corporations…. society, families, personal…

Like the People of the Philippines, then Poland, then Russia and 87 other countries from 1984 until 1990 these people went to the streets and took back their countries by people power, people who were willing to stand up to oppressive governments and take back the power, people who were willing to monitor voting booths and stop fraud.

The people of Iran are risking their lives right now for freedom, are you willing to do the same?

Richard Salbato


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