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Stop! Our Lady of America Not Yet Approved

Stop! Our Lady of America Not Yet Approved

Richard Salbato

As my readers know, I believe in the messages of Our Lady of America. It is not the purpose of this Newsletter to say why. This would be hard to explain, because the very history of this private revelation of interior manifestations lacks the obvious exterior display of attention that is drawn to most visionaries of historical apparitions.

But I like the message of the Indwelling of the Holy Trinity to take abode in the families; in the very depths of our souls. It is unique, simple and holy, that the inner dwelling of The Trinity can become a delightful guest in our soul. Also, apropos is the message of purity ( heart, mind, body and soul). Sister Mildred’s life impressed me because she remained humble and hidden from the world the very best that she could.

Like one of my favorite people, Archbishop Burke, I have studied these apparitions very carefully, but unlike Burke, I have received many emails complaining that these could not be from God. I have compared the pros and cons of the life and messages of Sister Mildred Neuzil, and concluded that they can not be demonic. They cannot be psychosomatic. They are not proved to be from God; but in time, I think they will be.

Why? It is with all certainty that Sr. Neuzil never outwardly was seen in an “apparition state”, but always had a certain “glow” about her when the messages were related to her. But this is just my own opinion.

I will write about the pros and cons in time for all to read and see for themselves. But in the mean time, we must put history in its proper prospective.

In 1933 Mildred Neuzil professed as a sister with the order of the Sisters of the Precious Blood, Dayton, Ohio, and was given the name, Sr. Mary Ephrem. In 1956 Sister Florecita Bidart founded a cloister within the active order, and final approval came after 25 years of seeking a hearing on the Chapter floor with the successful help of Bishop Marling. C.PP.S. Upon the advice of her spiritual director, Bishop Liebold, Sister Mary Ephrem entered the newly formed cloister in New Riegel, Ohio.

The cloistered sisters supported themselves first by weaving and a few years later by commercial printing. In time the cloistered community had to separate from the active order of sisters and sent letters to Rome. (See attached document number 3, Letter to Pope Paul VI of 1978)

Bishop Rehring went to Rome and through the Holy See gained approval for a canonical novitiate for the cloister to accept candidates from the world directly into the cloister. The contemplative community grew by leaps and bounds.

Just as Bishop Marling predicted to Sister Florecita many years before that because the active ordered was so geared toward activity, they would never understand a cloister within their order and this indeed came to pass bringing many difficulties upon the cloister to operate as a contemplative community. (The details of the misunderstandings and change of the main order toward the cloister are horrid, but, not appropriate for this article) I will detail this in time, because I know a great deal about it. It is enough to know that this cloistered community saved Sister Mildred's contemplative vocation and the separation was approved by Our Lady.

In 1979, Sr. M. Florecita Bidart, Sr. Mildred (Ephrem) Neuzil, and Sr. Joseph Therese, in order to continue their contemplative life stayed together, re-consecrated their vows for life before Our Lord and witnessed by their chaplain, Edmund Mormon, SVD (the Prior and Novice Master Divine Word Missionary) and never gave up their vows. On June 1, 1979 a good friend of the convent and relative through marriage to the Leibold family let the Sisters live in one of their houses in Fostoria, Ohio to continue living their contemplative life as the Contemplative Sisters of the Indwelling Trinity (the Rule of Life written by Sr. M. Florecita and Sr. Ephrem Mildred Neuzil). Sister M. Ephrem died on January 10, 2000 at the Convent of Our Lady of the Nativity in Fostoria, Ohio.

In her probated Last Will and Testament she left all her possessions, including all her writings and copyrights to her closest friend, and sister in Christ, Sister M. Joseph Therese. Sister Joseph Therese lived with Sister Millie from 1963-2000) 37 years. (See Last Will and Testament of Sister Neuzil)

What was so important about Sister Neuzil? From early in her life as a nun she received messages and revelations from Angels, Saint Joseph, Christ and Our Lady of America. Her spiritual director, who was also her bishop, studied and believed these messages. Before her death she entrusted the spread of these messages and devotion to Sister Therese and the convent at Fostoria, Ohio.

Sister Neuzil knew that Sister Joseph would defend these messages to her death, and very courageously, because as we well know the history of mankind has been rewritten for the satisfaction of “feel good” scholars. We have experienced this in our own Catholic Church Heritage for “feel good” religion, and we all know that “feelings” change from day to day.

The heart of these messages is purity and for people of the United States of America to embrace purity. Now, think about that! America (USA) is the greatest country in the world and even in the history of the world, when it comes to its type of government, its world wide charity, its freedoms, even its help of other countries and protection for freedom throughout the world.

But there is one great complaint you can make about this greatest nation in history, and that is its immorality. This immorality has spread throughout the world, including legalizing abortion, legalizing homosexuality, legalizing euthanasia and even protecting pedophiles outside and inside the Church.

But what if America (USA) became the shining light of the world in purity, the leader in the world in purity? If that happened we would become the perfect nation of the world and even the perfect nation of the history of the world. Impossible? Yes! But with supernatural help everything is possible. That is exactly what Our Lady of America is promising us, if we do what She asks. Not only that, but She also promises us that if we embrace purity and bring Her to the National Shrine, we will become the nation that leads the world to the peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima.

Not Yet Fully Approved by the Church

OK! That being said, this apparition is not yet fully approved. I am quite sure that it will be in time, because there are hundreds of thousand of petitions already signed by devoted people, addressed to bishops to have Our Lady of America enshrined in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

This is the largest shrine in the world not dedicated to any apparition, but I think Our Lady of America is now giving Her approval and blessing to this project. Placing Her in the Basilica will happen, but it cannot happen unless done properly. That means in the way Our Lady wants it done, and in union with the proper authority of the Church.

After extended investigation of this private revelation, I have concluded the following:

1. Archbishop Liebold did believe in the messages but never gave an Imprimatur to them because they were considered a PRIVATE DIARY and private diaries do not need an IMPRIMATUR. (See attached documents 1,2 and 4)

2. Archbishop Liebold approved printing the messages for selected private friends and other people, who he felt would benefit from them, and who would not attack the messages out of curiosity’s challenge of not making someone “feel” comfortable. To follow Christ and be contemplative means to mature in HIM. We must past the tests here on earth to be worthy of Heaven.

3. Archbishop Liebold did not approve making them public. He wanted them for private reading only for the people who would benefit in embracing the truth.

4. Daniel Palarczyk, S.T.D. gave his Nilil Obstat, and Archbishop Paul F. Liebold, V.G. gave his Imprimatur to the Prayers January 25, 1963.

5. The prayers to the Indwelling of the Most Holy Trinity and to the Immaculate Conception.

6. Archbishop Liebold approved and gave his Imprimatur (5/1/63) to the making of the Medallion, and had it stamped himself. He personally paid for the minting of the medals and the printing of the prayer leaflets (which included the explanation of the medal with the two prayers) and continued this to his death.

7. Archbishop Liebold approved making a small statue of Our Lady of America, with the Bishop in the Diocese of Latrobe PA’s and giving permission to commission a statue, with direction from Sister Mary Neuzil, and Sister Monica Schrott,OCD of the Carmelites of Latrobe, PA.

8. This statue has not yet received Church Icon approval. Why? Because all the writing have to be approved for it to be fully accepted by the Church.

9. Just a week before Archbishop Liebold's untimely death, he arranged a meeting with Msgr. Boffa, Fr. Francis Lammeier (his personal secretary) and Luigi Cardinal Raimondi, the Apostolic Delegate to receive a small African Ivory statuette of Our Lady of America as a gift to the Holy See and the Holy Father. The statuette was presented postumously for Archbishop Leibold by Msgr. Boffa to Luigi Cardinal Raimondi in August of 1972.

Statue not Approved

The statue of Our Lady of America now being promoted by A1 Langsenkamp and Kevin McCarthy as the official statue of this devotion was not made in accordance with Sister Mildred’s description, design and conditions. It is not approved. The bishop never commissioned it, and never has it been approved as a Church Icon, required by Canon Law.

This existing statue going around was made in Ecuador, but Our Lady told Sister Neuzil that it would be made in America by an American artist. There are other things that are not correct.

A statue of Our Lady of America is now being made according to Sister Mildred’s wishes, but it is not completed yet. This is being made in America by a very famous American artist. I will keep people updated about the progress.

The work of people, not associated with Our Lady of Nativity Convent and the Our Lady of America Center in Fostoria, Ohio, to have the statue of Our Lady of America placed in the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception according to Our Lady’s request, cannot be done until after the following things happen first:

a. The all messages and writings are approved,

b. The official statue is made and commission by the Bishop of the Diocese of Toledo.

c. The Church approves the Icon statue.

d. The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception accepts the statue as Our Lady of America.

Although we greatly respect Archbishop Burke’s love and devotion to Our Lady of America, he is not the authority in this case.

Bishop Leonard Blair of the Diocese of Toledo, Ohio, is the only Bishop with authority to approve or not approve these messages, and he has not yet done so. (See document 8 of Bishop Richen) It is also evident that Bishop Blair would have already approved it, if this fight between A1 Langsenkamp and Kevin McCarthy against Sister Therese had not happened. (See document 7 from Bishop Blair to these two men)

With the prayerful help of Our Lady’s many believers, people are working to get the official Church approval that is needed. Our Lady and Sister Mildred would not be pleased if things proceeded without Church approval. Our Lady and Sister Mildred would not be pleased to allow people to promote this devotion who accuse Sister Therese (which includes Sister Mildred) of not even being a nun. Our Lady would not be happy if we allow people (who conned the web site away from the rightful owners for their own glory and gain, and not for the unity of the Church) to continue.

Those who pretend to be the official promoters of Our Lady of America are suing Sister M. Joseph Therese for Trademark infringement, and other horrendous accusations. For this reason, I have put up Sister Mildred’s Last Will and Testament. It says everything that needs to be said about these false law suits, but that does not prevent two millionaires from attacking a humble cloistered nun and simply running her out of money.

How can they sue for something they do not own? They were simply her volunteers and without her knowing it took control of everything. I have studied this lawsuit and find it not only reaping in lies and untruths but full of sins against basic morals that God could not condone. I squirm when I think of the state of their souls. Coming soon will be the actual law suit against these humble people and the answer to it. I will post both on my web site, and then let them sue me.

Innocent unknowing people are being misled and the court of public knowedge is necessary because they are using Sister Therese's original website and writings to all her e-mail data base devotees (also stolen). The opinion letter from their attorney is merely an opinion, NOT a ruling in a court decision, but to the average person that is not a given understanding.

But I need not talk about this stupid court case now, because this apparition is not fully approved, and no one has a right to promote it as if it was approved, not even me. We, the believers, only have the right to bring attention to the messages to the proper authority in hopes they investigate it and approve it. That authority is Bishop Blair and no one else.

Until then, we have no right to do more than that, especially when they have turned Sister Joseph Therese’s life upside down. You don’t see them saying on the website what they took from her, or about how they are now suing her.

These men came into her life two years ago, and now as though they own this devotion are suing her for something that was willed and probated to her. Just like the culture of death, convincing people the very opposite of God’s will - as though the culture of death is the norm.

Notes and documents attached:

1. Last Will and Testament of Sister Neuzil gives all authority to Sister Joseph Therese

2. Dan Lynch's new book: “Our Lady of America, Our Hope for the States” is not approved, and in fact, Dan Lynch was told not to publish the book by Sister Joseph Therese and that the book contained critical errors, but he published it anyway. This is a good example of why these things have to have copyrights and trademarks along with Bishop Blair's canonically giving ecclesiastical direction to the caretaker of the devotion, namely Sister Joseph Therese.

3, Letter of the seven nuns, including Sister Neuzil, separating themselves from the Congregation of the Sisters of the Precious Blood in 1978. (See document 3)

4. Letter from the Apostolic Tribunal of the Roman Rota permitting the Convent in Fostoria, OH, under the title of Our Lady of the Nativity Convent. (See document 6)

5. Two letters of Archbishop Liebold in 1963 showing what he approved and did not approve.

(See documents 1 and 2)

6. Letter of Bishop Pilarczyk stating the same as above. (See document 4)

7. Letter of Bishop Ricken stating that only Bishop Blair has authority in the devotion of Our Lady of America. (See document 8)

8. Letter of Sister Joseph Therese’s Lawyer asking Langsenkamp to return control of the web site owned by the convent for over seven years and taken over without her knowledge.

(See document 5)

9. Letter of Sister Joseph Therese to Bishop Blair regarding Albert Langsenkamp and Kevin McCarthy and the truth about the devotion. (See document 9)


pam j said…
I have a very strong devotion to Our Lady of America, and pray daily that Bishop Blair will approve this devotion. I pray that the statue of Our Lady of America be enthroned in the National Shrine in Washington D.C. I have received devotional items from Fostoria, and on one occasion had the chance to speak with Sr. Joseph Therese. She was lovely. Regardless of the legal sparring, I hope the courts will resolve this problem rapidly and the outcome will be in accordance with God's will.
I do know that I have made a pilgrimage to Rome City, Indiana that was life changing.(This is where Our Lady first appeared to Sr. Mildred as Our Lady of America). The feeling of peace is palpable and one can feel the Holy Spirit and Our Lady's presence throughout. Many people have experienced physical and spiritual cures there. Many have seen the "miracle of the sun" as at Fatima and Medjugorge. Many people have been converted from visiting there as well. I am disabled, but since visiting in July 2007, I have had a dramatic improvement in mobility.
I was using a motorized wheelchair, which is now gathering dust, and the walker with fold down seat has not been used since 10/07. Prior to these devices, I had to use a cane since 2003, and forgot I ever used it until I spied it tucked away in a remote corner.
As for Rome City, the owners have been forced to put it up for sale, as financially they are "tapped out." Sadly, the serious proposals have come from interests that are not Catholic, and have no interest in keeping this site Catholic,much less one of pilgrimage. There have been impromptu rosaries recited, as well as a scheduled rosary where people recite all the decades every Friday night. People travel for miles, from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky weekly. Also many people,like myself recite it in absentia from throughout the U.S. (I'm from KC mo). The grounds include two chapels, (including the one where Our Lady first appeared
to Sr. Mildred). The chapels are housed in a huge building that has approx. 190 rooms, including a suite just off the chapel. This suite was home to vacationing Bishops, including Bishop Noll and Bishop Sheen.
Please pray that a suitable buyer (possibly religious community),will emerge to purchase and preserve this holy ground. May Our Lady of America bless all who are working tirelessly to promote the devotion.

"By Thy Holy and Immaculate Conception O Mary, deliver us from evil."

Blessings, peace and purity to all!
pam j said…
I forgot to mention that the website for the Rome City property is
The Deacon said…
Sounds about as profound as Peter and Paul arguing about whether to circumcise the Jews. they should all get real and promote the apparitions together, not for their own glory but for that of Mary and her Son
The Deacon said…
Sounds about as profound as Peter and Paul arguing about whether to circumcise the Jews. they should all get real and promote the apparitions together, not for their own glory but for that of Mary and her Son
The Deacon said…
Sounds about as profound as Peter and Paul arguing about whether to circumcise the Jews. they should all get real and promote the apparitions together, not for their own glory but for that of Mary and her Son
The Deacon said…
More importantly, I am somewhat disappointed in Fed Martinez' lengthy analysis of the events and situation in Ohio and Indiana. He " damns with faint praise" those promoting the apparitions, especially Dan Lynch. While professing to believe in their supernatural origin, he opposes promoting them publicly, suggesting that the only valid response is private devotion. It is, after all, Mary who is making the requests. This well intentioned opposition to promoting the events reminds me of the Mexican Bishops well intentioned refusal to allow the tilma to leave Mexico for the US. or the well intentioned actions of those who opposed Bernadette, Lucia, the children at la Salette---how about just doing what heaven asks, without second guessing the messenger, the Queen herself????

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