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Gay Mafia Takes Over of U.S. Bishops & Media

-Updated October 1, 2017-

As the history below shows, in the early part of this century, the gay mafia took over the U.S. media.

Now, they appear to be taking over the U.S Bishops in many dioceses.

On March 31, in a article called "Numerous 'gay' affirming parishes unopposed by bishops in major U.S. dioceses," it was confirmed that the gay mafia is taking over many dioceses.

The report showed that many American bishops were allowing parishes to have homosexual groups that opposed defined Church teaching.

The article said that leftist bishops and conservative bishops ranging from "McElroy of San Diego and Chaput of Philidelphia have expressed concern about the use of 'intrinsically disordered" which is the defined Church teaching of homosexuality.

Both bishops are also defending gay activist Fr. James Martin who on YouTube said "chasity is not required of homosexuals on September 20.

Chaput, McElroy as well as many other bishops and the media are helping Martin build a bridge to hell by abetting his efforts to help these persons to live in unconfessed moral sin.

These U.S. Bishops are joining the media in a project that began early this century. (It is hoped that truly Catholic Bishops will oppose these bishops.)

The following is a history of the gay mafia take over of the media.

Back in 2007, Michael Savage was right when he said there is a “homosexualization of the media, the homosexual mafia ...controls virtually everything that you read, everything that you see, everything that you hear.”

There is also a of homosexualization of the American Psychiatric Association (APA). According to psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover, the APA had its own "lavender mafia" when it voted to "normalize homosexuality" in the early 1970s.

The non-scientific as well as non-democratic Marxist and Nazi strategy used by the "lavender mafia" for its successful coup of the APA was explained by Satinover. The tactics used against the APA in the "normalization of homosexuality" are presented in his book "Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth." The Congressional Record of May 1996 called it the "best book on homosexuality written in our times."

Satinover said, "[T]he leadership of a homosexual faction within the APA planned a 'systematic effort to disrupt the annual meetings of the American Psychiatric Association.' They defended this method of 'influence' on the grounds that the APA represented 'psychiatry as a social institution' rather than a scientific body or professional guild."

As all can see, the "News Mafia" and the "lavender mafia" (the gay movement) are not respecters of freedom of speech or scientific bodies. They have created their own Iron Curtain, which is suppression of free speech.

The Berlin Wall was the symbol of Marxist ideology. Goldberg in "Bias" called ABC, NBC and CBS the three big "News Mafia" families. These "Big Three" are a large basis of the gay movement's power. The "News Mafia" is the New Berlin Wall that is even now starting to crumble, as did the Berlin Wall and the "evil empire" which built that wall.

Goldberg's "Bias" is like Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn's "Gulag Archipelago," the beginning of the end for the new "evil empire." If talk radio and news sources like NewsMax continue to courageously fight the bias and lies of the "Big Three," then they will crumble as more and more viewers leave them.

But even the "Big Three" are only stooges of the New York Times and Washington Post. Goldberg said, "The problem is that so many TV journalists simply don’t know how to think about certain issues until the New York Times and the Washington Post tell them what to think. Those big, important newspapers set the agenda that network news people follow."

In the case of the newspaper of record, the gay movement appears to hold in bondage the New York Times in more ways than one. NewsMax ran an article about Accuracy in Media's Reed Irvine's inquiry into the Times' bias. (See: New York Times on Defensive.) Irvine said Richard Berke, a national political correspondent for the Times, spoke at a gathering of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.

Irvine says that Berke assured the homosexual group that the Times would remain very receptive to the gay agenda because "three-fourths of those who regularly attend the daily meetings that determine what will be on the front page of the Times the next morning are 'not-so-closeted' homosexuals."

Goldberg unwittingly in analogy showed a similar situation at CBS when he said, "If CBS News were a prison instead of a journalistic enterprise, three-quarters of the producers and 100 percent of the vice presidents would be Dan's [Rather's] bitches."

Norman Mailer explains why the totalitarian relationship Dan Rather had with his CBS News producers and vice presidents, as well as his denial of natural objective truths, can lead to a Nietzschean will-to-power situation. In his book "Prisoner of Sex," Mailer showed why this moving away from natural objective truths such as heterosexual sex can lead to the homosexual prison totalitarian will to power:

"So, yes, [homosexuals] in prison strive to become part of the male population, and indeed – it is the irony of homosexuality – try to take on the masculine powers of the man who enters them, even as the studs, if Genet is our accurate guide, become effeminate over the years. ... Homosexuality is not heterosexuality. There is no conception possible, no, no inner space, no damnable spongy pool of a womb ... no hint remains of the awe that a life in these circumstances can be conceived. Heterosexual sex with contraception is become by this logic a form of sexual currency closer to the homosexual than the heterosexual, a clearinghouse for power, a market for psychic power in which the stronger will use the weaker, and the female in the act, whether possessed of a vagina or phallus, will look to ingest or steal the masculine qualities of the dominator."

This is the end result when universal truths and responsibility toward those truths are denied. The only "currency" left to the left is stealing of power, because they are insecure in any truth including their own objective masculinity.

Unsure of their own objective masculinity – or any objective truth, for that matter – they will not tolerate truth, calling it intolerance. They will not tolerate the truth of the purpose of sex, which is married love, with the creation of a secure family for the children of that love.

This totalitarian will to power and denial of natural objective truths may be the reason why Goldberg considered the media's anti-conservative bias against the great "social" issues such as abortion and homosexuality to be even greater than against the "Democrat-versus-Republican sort" of issues.

He said, "Why were we doing PR for the AIDS lobby by spreading an epidemic of fear, telling our viewers about how AIDS was about to break out into mainstream heterosexual America, which simply was not true?”

But even in this, there is a political dimension. Former Gov. Pete du Pont pointed out in a Wall Street Journal article after the Bush-Gore 2000 presidential race that, when he compared maps, the adult video rental map and the map of the counties that went for Gore were the same.

E. Michael Jones, the editor of Culture War magazine, said, "If they want to survive as a party, the Republicans have to understand first of all, how sexual liberation is a form of political control, and secondly, how the Democrats increase their political power by mobilizing sexual deviance ... things like pornography and its scholastic variant, sex education, in addition to abortion and homosexuality. ... Those who are stupid enough to identify themselves with their sexual vices can always look to the Democratic Party and the dominant media culture as sympathetic to ... guarantee his bondage."

Savage on the link between "the homosexualization of the media" and our descent "to a level below that of the apes"

1. On the January 2 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, host Michael Savage declared that the "homosexual dance of death" and the "homosexualization of the West" are the "seminal issue[s] of our time," and later added that the "homosexual mafia" is responsible for "control[ing] virtually everything that you read, everything that you see, everything that you hear, [and] everything that you wear."

As Media Matters for America has noted (here, here, and here), Savage has repeatedly referred to gays as part of the "the homosexual mafia," and even compared gays to "drug addicts."

Savage began his remarks on the topic by noting remarks by Pope Benedict XVI, who said that by "relativiz[ing] marriage" through same-sex unions, "man, in seeking to emancipate himself from his body [from the 'biological sphere'], ends up by destroying himself," adding, "Against those who say that 'the Church should not involve herself in these matters,' we can only respond: does man not concern us too?" This was quoted in a December 30 article by the right-wing news website WorldNetDaily, which purported to interpret the pope's comments as meaning that "homosexuals end up destroying themselves so the Church has a duty to speak out on moral issues that affect the very spiritual and physical lives of man." Savage quoted the WorldNetDaily paraphrase rather than the pope's own language and said: "If you have a problem with what I'm reading to you, why don't you send it to the Vatican, not to me." Savage also referred to "homosexual marriage" as an "abomination" and a "death service."

Savage concluded by saying: "I'll let you figure out how we have descended to a level below that of the apes, lower than the chimpanzee, my friend -- all as a result of the demons who rule the media, and have ruled the media to the point of extinction."

From the January 2 edition of Talk Radio Network's The Savage Nation:
SAVAGE: The pope said last week that homosexuals are destroying themselves. And I want to read to you what the pope said, and if you have a problem with what I'm reading to you, why don't you send it to the Vatican, not to me. Pope Benedict XVI said homosexuals end up destroying themselves, so the church has a duty to speak out on moral issues that affect the very spiritual and physical lives of man.
Now, most Americans know this, which is why any time they're allowed to vote against homosexual marriage, which they know to be an abomination and a death service, not a life-giving service, they say "no" to the death service called homosexual marriage. Now, he didn't write that; I did.

SAVAGE: God bless Pope Benedict XVI for speaking out on the seminal issue of our time, which is the homosexual dance of death, and the homosexualization of the West. There is a direct correlation between the homosexualization of the media, the homosexual mafia that controls virtually everything that you read, everything that you see, everything that you hear, everything that you wear, and the behavior of our boys and girls and the fact that they will not have children, and they simply want to party until 3 a.m., and spend their money on designer items so they look good, and they have good abs, and good butts, and good lats, and good delts. After all, isn't a good ab better than a good son? Isn't a good butt better than a good daughter? I'll let you figure out how we have descended to a level below that of the apes, lower than the chimpanzee, my friend -- all a result of the demons who rule the media, and have ruled the media to the point of extinction.




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