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Is the Bush Secretive Presidential Directive a Prelude to Dictatorship? Why is the Left Remaining Silent?

Jerome Corsi, coauthor of "Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry," said today on the Michael Savage Show that the left is remaining silent while only conservatives are warning about the secretive presidential directive that appears to be an unconstitutional power grab. Savage said the presidential directive appears to be a possible prelude to “dictatorship.” In the World Net Daily, Corsi wrote: “President Bush had signed May 9 a little-reported National Security and Homeland Security Directive (NSPD-51 and NSPD-20) that granted extraordinary powers to the president in the event of a declared national emergency, apparently without congressional approval or oversight.” What concerned Corsi and Savage was Bush’s recent harsh attack on conservatives over immigration and the total silence by the leftist media and bloggers even as they are making excuses for the recent destruction of free speech in Venezuela by Hugo Chavez. Bush's detention fa

Might Gay Rights Crusaders Cheney and Giuliani Join the Clintons in the Democrat Party?

Voting for Giuliani is the same as voting for Bill Clinton or Hillary. Dick Cheney, gay rights crusader,and junior gay rights crusader Giuliani need to join the Democrat party. In April Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich introduced articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney. I'm starting think that's not a bad idea. Fred Cheney, gay rights crusader? Conservative groups beat up GOP veep nominee, Lazio blasts Clinton campaign for following his wife and Sharpton hits Lazio for following Giuliani's example. - - - - - - - - - - - - By Alicia Montgomery October 10, 2000 | Dick Cheney's debate performance was praised by friends and foes alike. However, his remarks on gay marriage rubbed some conservatives the wrong way. The New York Times reports that "family values" groups are blasting Cheney's opinions on gay rights, including his assertion at the veep debate that "people should be free to enter into any kind of relationship th

Priests Actually Felt No Shame

Denial of Sin By James K. Fitzpatrick (This article originally appeared in the Catholic weekly The Wanderer. To subscribe call 651-224-5733.) In a column on the clerical sex abuse scandals rocking the Church, I speculated about how the priests involved in these acts could justify their behavior to themselves in their private moments. One possibility I raised was that they may have bought so totally into premises of the homosexual revolution that they actually felt no shame for what they had done. Fred Martinez, staff religion editor of the Conservative Monitor and a regular contributor to the San Francisco Faith, a northern California newspaper, forwarded a column of his that appeared on on April 18th. In it, he speculates that the problem may be even more deep seated. Martinez holds that we are witnessing the impact of the successful infiltration of Catholic “publishers, seminaries, even convents and monasteries” by a “scientific paganism” that calls for an “inver

Time Warner and the U S Postal Service vs. Democracy

I learned about this from a conservative Catholic weekly called The Wanderer. Please pray and do something to help.To learn what you can do to help, go to Fred Disseminate Information, Protect Democracy Teresa Stack The following is a shortened version of a letter drafted by Nation president Teresa Stack and signed by her and her counterparts at more than a dozen independent journals, including National Review, The American Spectator and Mother Jones. To learn what you can do to help, go to PRINT ARTICLE TAKE ACTION EMAIL ARTICLE SUBSCRIBE NOW BLETTERS (3) Write to the Magazine Here's a list of academics who have sent a letter to James C. Miller III, chairman of the Postal Board of Governors, protesting the change. James C. Miller III Chairman, Postal Board of Governors We write to you today on a matter of great urgency. The recent decision of the Postal Service Board of Governors (B

"The shocking hate mail we received shows...

Outrageous Homosexual Bill Passes California Senate SB 777 a serious assault on religious freedom in schools SACRAMENTO, May 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- The California State Senate voted today (23-13) to pass SB 777 (Kuehl), legislation that will ban textbooks and teachers from any instruction that "reflects or promotes bias against" homosexuality, transgenders, bisexuals or those with perceived gender issues. SB 777 is similar to last session's highly controversial SB 1437, which passed the legislature but was vetoed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. "SB 777 is designed to transform our public schools into institutions that disregard all notions of the traditional family unit," said Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute. "This reverse discrimination is an outright attack on the religious and moral beliefs of California citizens." Earlier this month homosexual advocacy group Equality California attacked CRI's oppositi

Differing Views on the Senate immigration bill

Newt Gingrich: "a sellout of every conservative principle." "I can't imagine anybody running for president being nominated if they support this bill," Mitt Romney: "I strongly oppose today's bill going through the Senate," "It's the wrong approach." Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff: "He's(Ted Kennedy) awesome," Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy: "the deal was true to America's 'humanity and our tradition of a nation of immigrants'." Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar: "an important start" Republican Representative Tom Tancredo: "a slap in the face" to working Americans "I was listening to President Bush speak on the border, and I'm thinking to myself, 'I'm listening to Bill Clinton reworking every word, reworking every definition.'?" Gilberto Escalante, a 41-year-old fisherman from Topolobampo in Sinaloa state: "We don't want the ho

Gay Mafia Takes Over of U.S. Bishops & Media

-Updated October 1, 2017- As the history below shows, in the early part of this century, the gay mafia took over the U.S. media. Now, they appear to be taking over the U.S Bishops in many dioceses. On March 31, in a article called "Numerous 'gay' affirming parishes unopposed by bishops in major U.S. dioceses," it was confirmed that the gay mafia is taking over many dioceses. The report showed that many American bishops were allowing parishes to have homosexual groups that opposed defined Church teaching. The article said that leftist bishops and conservative bishops ranging from "McElroy of San Diego and Chaput of Philidelphia have expressed concern about the use of 'intrinsically disordered" which is the defined Church teaching of homosexuality. Both bishops are also defending gay activist Fr. James Martin who on YouTube said "chasity is not required of homosexuals on September 20. Chaput, McElroy as well as many othe

Gay Mafia Threaten Bishops In Italy and Colombia

Are We Entering Into An Anti-Christian Gay Totalitarianism? Gay activists threatened Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco with a “bullet in an envelope” in Italy and threatened to arrest Colombian Archbishop Fabio Betancourt Tirado for opposing the sin of homosexuality. Are we entering into an anti-Christian Gay Totalitarianism? The AP report below said “[Vatican Radio]quoted a Genoa newspaper as saying the [bullet]envelope also contained a photo of the archbishop with a swastika cut into it.” Fred Italian Bishop Threatened With Bullet Italian Bishop Against Same-Sex Unions Receives Bullet At His Office VATICAN CITY, Apr. 29, 2007 (AP) The archbishop of the Italian city of Genoa received a bullet in an envelope at his office _ the latest threatening message for the prelate, who is leading a campaign against same-sex unions, Vatican Radio said Sunday. The bullet arrived Friday at the office of Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco, who was recently elected to head the politically influential Ital

Mass Citizens for Life circling like vultures to attack anyone who dares to point out Romney bought them for 15 thousand

I received the email below from Carol McKinley who is one of the top Catholic and pro-life leaders in Massachusetts. Fred Mass Citizens for Life circling like vultures to attack anyone who dares to point out Romney bought them for 15 thousand Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 09:06:49 -0400 From: View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert CC: Dear Prolife Friends and Members of the Press: Mass Citizens for Life is at it again. According to Romney, his wife Ann is now "one of the heads" of Mass Citizen for Life - which explains why Catholic Hospitals are giving out emergency abortifacients under Romney's illegal edict. I don't know about you-but I intend to find out what position she holds, and the date and time the vote was taken by the Board of Directors. "I know there are some campaigns that want to keep reminding people of that," said Romney. "It's really hard for me to gauge what people will do." "Her

Things to Worry About if You Convert to Islam

Things to Worry About if You Convert to Islam Daveed Gartenstein-Ross’ “My Year Inside Radical Islam” overviews how he converted to moderate Islam. But wanting to deepen his faith and learning the details of the Koran and other “holy” books of Islam, he found out that he had to: -“[W]orry about whether people should really be killed for leaving Islam... -Eating: right hand only. -Pants: below the knees but above the ankles. -Touching: not okay for dogs or women... -Music: forbidden. -Paying interest: forbidden. -The beard: required.” (Page 162)

Are Schizophrenics Role Models for Freud and Anthropologists?

Are Schizophrenics Role Models for Freud and Anthropologists? English professor Louis Markos on page 44 of his book "Lewis Agonistes" thinks that most modern anthropologists and Freud's models for normal human behavior are schizophrenics. I agree. “Modern anthropologists would have us believe that there are no absolute ethical standards that are true for all human cultures. Indeed, they have been so successful in convincing us of this "fact” that most now take for granted that morality is relative, and that it shifts radically from culture to culture. This is most emphatically untrue...No one in his right mind would define normal human behavior on the basis of a handful of schizophrenics (though one could argue this is exactly what Freud did!).”

Democrats Pass Anti-Christian “Thought Police Bill”

The Democrats passed the “Thought Police Bill,” but Bush said he will veto it. If the bill ever passes then in effect we will enter a new Roman anti-Christian era. We need to pray for the Democrats and some "Catholics." One well known Catholic writer I know so hates the Iraq war that he said in so many words that he was praying for the passage of a bill that will destroy First Amendment rights by shutting down conservative talk radio. We need to pray that the Iraq war end or the Democrats may come into power with the help of anti-war Christian voters. In my opinion that is why the Democrats took over congress. Much prayer and sacrifice are needed because many are confused. May the peace of Jesus Christ be on you. News Advisory: May 2, 2007 Contact: Regina Griggs, Director, Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) 703-360-2225 Hate Crimes Bill is Dangerous to Free Speech for Ex-Gays, Says Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays