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Pope's Confidant Spadaro: Francis believes God wills Intrinsically Evil Acts

Updated October 9, 2017- The National Catholic Reporter, on October 6, reported that one of Pope Francis's closest advisers Fr. Antonio Spadaro "says the pontiff thinks the Catholic Church can no longer issue general rules that apply to whole categories of people." The Reporter wrote Spadaro speaking of Amoris Laetitia said "that the document recognizes that even people living in 'irregular' family situations, such as divorce and remarriage, 'can be living in God's grace, can love and also grow in a life of grace.'" Then still quoting Francis, Spadaro said: "We must conclude that the Pope realizes that one can no longer speak of an abstract category of persons and... praxis of integration in a rule that is absolutely to be followed in every instance." (National Catholic Reporter, "Bishops deliberate whether one rule applies to all divorced people after 'Amoris Laetitia,' Impossible to judge people based on a n

Silly Fastiggi/Goldstein vs. Pope Francis's Amoris Laetitia Ghostwriter

-Updated October 6, 2017- The Robert Fastiggi and Dawn Eden Goldstein attack on the Filial Correction in which they say the Latin translation of Amoris Leatitia is orthodox is silly. They claim the Latin interpretation of A.L. invalidates the Correction. Correction spokesman Joesph Shaw agrees it can have a orthodox intreptration. The problem is it can also have a unorthodox intreptration. Fastiggi and Goldstein are mixed up. The pair need to attack the Malta/German Bishop's unorthodox intreptration of Amoris Leatitia. Even more importantly, the silly pair need to attack the intimate friend of Pope Francis and ghostwriter of Amoris Leatitia. The Amoris Leatitia ghostwriter's interpretation doesn't square with the Fastiggi/Goldstein interpretation of Amoris Leatitia. Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez who the Vatican expert Edward Pentin says is the "ghostwriter" of Amoris Laetitia and one of the Pope's closest advisers according to Crux said:

Pray for Trump that the Prophecy of the Hermit of Loreto come True and Pray for Pope Francis's Conversion

It is sad to say, but in terms of policy and actions, President Trump is by a wide margin more pro-life and pro-family than Pope Francis.   (Read or my website for the evidence.) It is just that so many faithful Catholics who love Christ's Church are angry because of the undeniable distorting of Church teachings by Pope Francis and his appointees. We can use that anger to motivate us to pray and trust God, present the truth of Catholicism by our life & words, expose error, ask that the error be corrected, but most of all pray that we love our family and our neighbor. Or we can make our anger the center of the universe not trusting that God is the center of the universe. He is allowing this crisis and is in total control allowing Francis’s free will and our free will in the mix. As a great priest and exorist said: The devil wants our focus to be anything, but God. We love our family, our friends and the Church for the sake of God. If we do thi

Charismatics, Sedevacantis, False Apparitions and a "Holy Spirit" outside the Catholic Church

Rick Salbato and I communicated by email before he went home to God. I didn't agree with everything Rick said in these essay, but he gives a honest history of Catholic Church which in my opinion in general is correct. This essay covers Ralph Martin and much more as you will see. Ralph Martin is a puzzling figure because recently he defends the Catholic infallible teaching of hell against Hans von Balthazar and yet in many ways has a Protestant theology as Salbato clearly shows. I hope Martin has fully return to a Catholic theology. I am posting these because Pope Francis appears to be the Charismatic Pope with a Protestant theology once predicted by some in the Charismatic movement. My position on the movement is there are many sincere Catholics in it that are seriously confused about infallible Catholic teachings, but who many times are open to the fullness of the faith. One example, is another email friend James Larson who was once a Charismatic and is now a Thomis

Was Pope Francis Mislead by Schoenborn into Material Heresy by Lie that Amoris Leatitia is "Thomist" ?

-Updated September 28, 2017- The unscholarly Pope Francis has promoted material heresy, it appears, because he was confused and mislead into thinking Amoris Leatitia is "Thomist" by Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn. Dubia Cardinal Brandmuller sums up the heresy: "Whoever thinks that persistent adultery and reception of Holy Communion are compatible is a heretic." (, "Dubia Cardinal: Anyone who opens Communion to adulterers 'some a heretic and promotes schism,'" December 23, 2016) An example of what appears to have happened to Francis can be found in history. The unscholarly Pope Honorius was "confused and mislead" into becoming a material heretic who promoted the Monothelitist heresy. He was condemned by a general council and Pope St. Agatho and Pope St. Leo II. The Catholic Encyclopedia said of Honorius that he "was not a profound theologian, and allowed himself to be confused and mislead. (