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Romney’s Record on Judicial and Legal Appointments

by Amy Contrada December 9, 2011 ------------------------------------------------------------Summary: Mitt Romney’s record as Governor does not indicate a commitment to a conservative judicial philosophy.--------------------------------------------- His judge appointees revealed at best “no philosophical or partisan pattern” (Boston Globe), or at worst a liberal and even radical tilt. He sought out feminists and radical homosexual groups in his judicial selection process. He was inconsistent in his pronouncements on judicial activism, allowing it to occur under his watch (with “gay marriage”) while simultaneously urging others to fight it. How then could we expect him to keep his recent promises to appoint constitutional conservatives to the bench if he is elected President? -------------------------------------------------------------- What sort of attorneys would he name to his Justice Department? As Governor, his Chief Legal Counsels advised him to implement unconstitutional polici

"Democrats’ Anti-[God]"

Friday, September 7, 2012 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE GODLESS DEMOCRATS Exclusive: Matt Barber notes, 'this ain't your father's Democratic Party' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven. (Matthew 10:33) Slippery was the slope into Democrats’ anti-theist primordial bog. In 2004, there were seven mentions of God in the platform. In 2008, there was but one. And in 2012? None. Zip, zero, nada. Godless.

God’s Will is reached only when our “false gods” (centers of our lives) die

How are you strengthening the practice of virtue? Is your prayer becoming more simplified? In the third mansion we see that true conformity with God’s Will is reached only when our “false gods” (centers of our lives) die and integration takes place not only in relation among these centers, but new life emerges as a result. “Unless the seed falls into the ground and dies…” Do you spend quality time in prayer?