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Is Netflix Anti-Christian? What is the Catholic Netflix?

Stop for a moment of silence, ask God what He want you to do next. Make this a practice. By doing this you are doing more good than reading anything here or anywhere else on the Internet. Due to Netflix's Anti-Christian DVDs I switched to Pius Media ( Is Netflix Anti-Christian? What is the Catholic Netflix? Is Netflix Anti-American or Pro-Canada? It has come to my delighted attention that there exists a fine establishment by the name of Pius Media ( which offers Catholic and other good DVDs by mail. Apparently there is also Faith and Family Flix ( which is a touch more expensive. 'Self-absorbed' Americans may ignore Canada price disparity Reed Hastings: For now we're focused on Canada. If we succeed in Canada, we will certainly look at other markets. But each market is unique, and what attracted us to Canada is great broadband, and a great love of movies and TV shows. THR: American services when they enter the

"At the Name of Jesus the [Alien Abduction] Dissipated into the Air"

Might aliens be involved with ghosts or demons? Stan Romanek and David J. Hufford wondered about that idea? Messages: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story - Google Books Result Stan Romanek, J. Allan Danelek - 2009 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 259 pages: "So now was I some sort of 'ghost magnet'? If so, how could that happen? ... In any case, the ghost specialists spent some time trying to capture video." The Terror That Comes in the Night There is a book by David J. Hufford called The Terror that Comes in the Night. The sub-title of the book describes the contents: "An Experience-Centered Study of Supernatural Assault Traditions." Dr. Hufford is a sociologist and university professor. According to his research about one sixth of the population experiences the phenomenon described in his book yet almost no one talks about it. The experience Hufford describes is similar to wha

Salt Blessed

BLESSED SALT Rev. John H. Hampsch C.M.F. There is a renewed interest today in the ancient sacramental of blessed salt, especially by charismatics, in healing and deliverance situations, etc. To understand its proper use and its efficacy, it would be helpful to review the Scriptural symbolism and its history, since Vatican II urges us to participate “intelligently and actively” in the use of sacramentals, just as in the use of Sacraments. Salt in the ancient world was a precious commodity (even monopolized by the royalty in Egypt and Persia). Roman soldiers were partially paid with packets of salt (”sal” in Latin); this was the origin of our word “salary” and of phrases like “worth his salt,” etc. Being costly, it was an appropriate offering to God as a “covenant of salt” (Lev. 2: 13; II Chron. 13:5; Num. 18:19) used in sacrifices by the Isrealites (Ezek. 43:24) and for the accompanying sacrificial meal (Gen. 31:54). Belief in its preservative and healing properties led to its use t

No "Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ” Until 1800’s

A Personal Relationship With Jesus Christ? Within various forms of Evangelical Christianity in the Western world the catchphrase “personal relationship with Jesus Christ” is heard over and over again. In sermons, in books and among various conversations overheard between ‘born-again’ Christians it is heard again and again about this ‘personal relationship with Jesus Christ’ and at what point in their life that that momentous event began. “What a Friend I have in Jesus” is a popular hymn sung in Churches across the country Sunday after Sunday. Now I’m not going to say that I don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus, because I do. Jesus Christ is as real to me as my wife and children are. I believe that He is with me always and I talk with Him regularly in prayer. Jesus told His disciples in John 15:15 that He would no longer call them servants, but that He considered them friends. I pretty much think that applies to me as well. I sometimes think of Christ as my Heavenly Big Brot