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Dont Read this if you Scare Easily on the Economic Crisis

This is the best summary of the present economic crisis. To get more details read Dick Morris' Fleeced and Ellen Brown's Web of Debt . This article and the two books show how to get out of mess, also. Fred A Small Bridge... The global economic problem is the problem of too much debt: personal, corporate, municipal, state and national. And there is no "solution," except (perhaps) for a "system re-set." The case for a "Jubilee" year of debt forgiveness... By Dr. Robert Moynihan, reporting from Rome Yes, the problem is the debt. The debt is not large, it is colossal. And there are only two possibilities for paying off the debt: (1) many, many years of belt-tightening and lower consumption (read, global depression); and (2) an abrupt repudiation of the debt, and the total collapse of world trade, with an effect perhaps not completely unlike the collapse of trade that came with the fall of the Roman Empire in the late 5th century, followe

How to Cure Serious Neuroses and be Happy

The way I live is by trying to staying in God's presence. Please read how Leanne Payne explains it. Practicing the presence of God will make you happy and can cure serious neuroses. Fred ed617 said... I was reading "post modern approaches" in my psyc textbook just as I came across your blog post - how ironic. Your argument is very well presented-I clearly understand what you're saying - but this is hardly news- I see from your bio you clearly live the life you believe in... but what would be of more use is a post describing how you are "making it" in this strange new world where there seems to be no such thing as an "objective truth" - how do you cope? What do you do to keep your values intact when reality itself is shifting beneath your feet as you walk? Fred Martinez said... The way I live is by trying to staying in God's presence. Please read how Leanne Payne explains it. DAVID: What is it to practice the presence of God? What i

How to Fix Our Economic Crisis Usury and Our Economic Implosion It's All About Usury by John M├ędaille With all the turmoil in the financial industry, you would think that there would be a national conversation of money and lending. You would think that this would be a good time to re-examine the way we create money and the way we lend it. You would think, especially, that it would be a good time to review the subject of usury, especially since the credit card market is about to collapse in the same way the mortgage market did. But no, that conversation has not taken place. Indeed, the last great economist to address the subject was J. M. Keynes, back in the 1930's. Keynes, who was no friend of the Church, surprised himself by finding that the Church's restrictions on usury made perfect economic sense, a sense ignored by classical economists: "Provisions against usury are amongst the most ancient economic practices

The Health Risks of Gay Sex JOHN R. DIGGS, JR., M.D. As a physician, it is my duty to assess behaviors for their impact on health and wellbeing. When something is beneficial, such as exercise, good nutrition, or adequate sleep, it is my duty to recommend it. Likewise, when something is harmful, such as smoking, overeating, alcohol or drug abuse, and homosexual sex, it is my duty to discourage it. Notice to Reader: "The Boards of both CERC Canada and CERC USA are aware that the topic of homosexuality is a controversial one that deeply affects the personal lives of many North Americans. Both Boards strongly reiterate the Catechism's teaching that people who self-identify as gays and lesbians must be treated with 'respect, compassion, and sensitivity' (CCC #2358). The Boards also support the Church's right to speak to aspects of this issue in accordance with her own self-understanding. Articles in this section have been ch