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Will the “New Ideology of Evil” beget an American Totalitarianism?

Will the “New Ideology of Evil” beget an American Totalitarianism? Before he died, Pope John Paul II said homosexual marriage and the gay agenda are part of "a new ideology of evil perhaps more insidious and hidden, which attempts to pit human rights against the family and against man." The majority of the Supreme Court stands for the "new ideology of evil”, which will lead America in stages to become a new Sodom and Gomorrah. As Justice Scalia said against Lawrence v. Texas, the so-called Texas sodomy case: “[It] effectively decrees the end of all moral legislation.” The Supreme Court’s ideology is in direct opposition to the Judeo-Christian God and His Ten Commandments. The other world religions, even the straightforward atheists or sinners are not part of the "new ideology of evil.” Deceptive anti-moral terrorists who are at enmity with God and His moral law are the ideologues. These fakes whose advertising jingle is “tolerance“, will not tolerate the Ten Co

Reign of Relativism

Reign of Relativism Why Are Catholic High School Students No Different? A poll conducted by Zogby International of 1,003 high school students found that 80% of Catholic seniors believe homosexuals should have the right to marry while only two-thirds of the total of all demographic high school senior groups in the survey claimed gay marriages should be legal. Dennis Gilbert of Hamilton College, in Clinton, N.Y., did the survey. In an interview in the September 6 Wanderer, Gilbert said, "Large majorities of seniors take pro-gay positions on relevant gay issues. And virtually every definable demographic group took these positions," apart from evangelical or 'born-again' Christians." According to Father X -- a priest in the San Jose Diocese who asked to remain anonymous, the document Pastoral Guidelines for Ministry to Homosexuals in the Diocese of San Jose contributes to the ethical confusion on homosexuality among Catholic high school students because it has no