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Flashback: The Chauvin/Floyd & Francis Hysteria and the Climate Change Marxist Revolution

" Do you think this past weekend was dreadful? Just wait. If Derek Chauvin is let off the hook for the murder of George Floyd, the recent protests will seem minor. To be sure, some of these disruptions, like the looting of minority businesses, are counterproductive, which is why the left has an obligation to organize and direct this rage at the real perpetrators, the capitalist class and their defenders." "Economic and racial oppression in America has finally reached a boiling point. Systemic change will take a in the United States." - Socialist website Counter Punch   June 01, 2020 On ABC’s  Good Morning America , George Floyd’s brother Terrence called for an end to the "destructive" riots: "ROBIN ROBERTS: [George Floyd] would appreciate that the majority of the protests have been peaceful, but as you know, it’s being overshadowed by those who are exploiting the protests. Are you and the family concerned that will take away fro
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Are Trump & Biden the Same "Kabuki Theater"?

Two of my favorite long time Catholic Monitor commenters apparently think I'm wrong to back Donald Trump. First, I'll give their take and then I'll give my response: Debbie said… Unfortunately, Mr. Martinez I disagree with your analysis of Trump. I voted for him the first time because all the right people hated him. I voted for him the second time because I wanted to believe him and of course stop a Democrat from getting in. But, in this is huge for me....he gave us warp speed vaccine. And, do you have proof or links that clearly show he reduced funds to PP. I've read that he most certainly did not. And his first two years he had both the Senate and House to build the wall and defund PP. I think his whole presidency was kabuki theater. 12:32 PM Aqua said… Debbie - and Trump was the one who set the precedent that government has the right and authority to “shut down the economy” and remand private citizens to house arrest in the name