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Does The Wanderer have a “Seamless Garment” Agenda?

James Hitchcock’s article “Abortion and the ‘Catholic Right’” in the Spring 2007 issue of Human Life Review says that The Wanderer has a “seamless garment” agenda. Does this Catholic weekly put economic issues and the Iraq war ahead of the sin of abortion? My guess is no. I believe, that like the weekly columnist Pat Buchanan whom The Wanderer publishes, the newspaper would hold their nose and vote for a W. Bush over an anti-war, but radically pro-abortion Democrat candidate. Hitchcock makes a good point about the newspaper’s “unacknowledged internal conflict” on economic views. Joe Sobran who recently retired does “espouses a minimalist view of the state, according to which almost every project that government undertakes does nothing but harm,” whereas Rupert Ederer, who is the economic expert for the newspaper thinks the government should get more involved in “trade, tax, and monetary” issues as Hitchcock noted in his article. Both Ederer and Sobran have appeared to w

How are E. Michael Jones and Michael Savage Alike?

My brother Joe shows how E. Michael Jones and Michael Savage are alike. Fred I heard the diatribe against the Catholic Church last year on his show. That's when I stopped listening, I was going to give you the details but figured best left unsaid because I knew you liked listening. It's one thing to attack misdeeds of clergy and another to attack the institution and it's authority. Same whith E. Michael Jones misrepresenting the authoritative teaching of the church on Catholic/Jewish conciliation. Sort of leaves me whith mixed emotions because Jones is a true intellectual and great at researchng his topic and Savage can break it all into quick concise soundbites. Seems both are projecting their personal emotional baggage, marketing it to sell, in the hope others will carry it on for them in their self- righteous myopic forums . They know the GREIVANCE GAME and although they rail about the civil rights hucksters, they know how to turn the same techniques to their person

How to teach Purity

How to teach Purity Richard Salbato 9-24-2007 I was asked by many people to expand on my last Newsletter, Sins Against Purity Cause Wars. Father Bart believes we should start a movement within the Church on Purity and Dating. I love the idea, but personally I am a hermit and too involved with my own family to organize anything. I will, however, offer guidelines and suggestions for those teachers and priests who want to bring Purity and Virginity back to the Church. For over ten years now I have been writing Newsletters on Moral Theology because more people today go to Hell for sins against morals than any other reason. Some of those Newsletters are linked below. I suppose the most controversial Newsletter I have ever written on Morals is one of the first I ever wrote. It was a result of people asking me why I did not get involved in the Right to Life Marches and Sit-ins that my friends were involved in. Quickly without even thinking I said, “Abortion is not the problem.” A

"It is disgusting to think that Casey Junior ran as a 'pro-life' candidate."

Fr. Euteneuer said. "But the great disappointment here is Robert Casey, Jr., whose late father courageously stood against the tide for life in his political party. It is disgusting to think that Casey Junior ran as a 'pro-life' candidate. He has betrayed those who voted for him on those grounds." Priest Blasts 'Usual Suspects' For Votes Against Pro-Life Policy FRONT ROYAL, Va., Sept. 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, STL, president of Human Life International, (HLI) today blasted a gang of 16 Catholic senators for their votes on an amendment to HR 2764 to overturn the Mexico City Policy instituted by President Reagan to prevent U.S. taxpayer dollars from funding overseas abortions. "For the most part it's the usual suspects who claim to be Catholic while their consistent pro-abortion votes amount to a betrayal of the Catholic faith. We expect treachery from them," Fr. Euteneuer said. "But the great disappointmen

Harry Potter Hate Mail "At Times [Of]Satanic Malevolence"

By Michael O’Brien The Potterization of a Generation Since my article last month on the final volume of the Harry Potter series, I have received a good deal of hate mail, some of it displaying astonishing vehemence—at times Satanic malevolence. I continue to be puzzled most of all by the few remaining Christian voices that promote the series. That the Pope and the exorcist of Rome diocese long ago warned against these books seems to make little difference in the thinking of some public figures. Their indifference is in itself symptomatic of a deeper problem: that is, the disconnect between faith and culture. One might even say, faith and reason. Defenders, regardless of how articulate they may be, have few serious points to make and seem to be impelled by gut attractions, loyalties, peer pressure (high and low), dismissing serious considerations regarding the Potter series with a back-hand swipe by calling thoughtful criticism “hysteria” or “fundamentalism.” And so the potterization

Is Michael Savage Anti-Catholic? Part 2

I want to thank Larry for sending me the the link below. If anyone said "[T]he Jewish religious leaders are pigs...[t]he institutions are rotten from the top to the bottom." There is no question that he or she would be called a anti-Semitic. Michael Savage said "[T]he Catholic Church pigs...[t]he institution is rotten from the top to the bottom." Please read the whole text below. I agree with Catholic League president Bill Donohue that Michael Savage "owes all Catholics an apology." Larry A. Carstens said... Dear Fred: One can bash the Catholic Church without bashing the Pope. It is not just a matter of "not agreeing with us." There are other conservative talk show hosts who don't agree with us (Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, inter alia) who manage to avoid ever smearing us. I do give Mr. Savage credit for defending the Church, but he does not have a "spotless" record in this area. Exhibit A can b

Sins Against Purity Cause Wars

Sins Against Purity Cause Wars Richard Salbato 9-11-2007 Today we remember the second attack on American soil of an enemy. This time it was not done by a nation like Japan but by an ideology, a religious justification. It was done by a non-government cult loosely held together by religious zeal for their god and his commandments. This is a war that has been going on for over 1,300 years, sometimes hot and sometimes cold. It is an enemy that believes in castrating women, and subjecting them to something like slavery. It is a religion that believes in killing or subjecting all those who do not accept their beliefs. It remains to this day a forced faith, where even the children are forced into its beliefs or punished even with death. This has happened even inside the United States of America to a young girl who wanted to leave her religion. Christians who live in Moslem countries live as second class citizens with no right to vote, or to hold any government job. They cannot

"Pro-Life" Casey is Pro- Abortion

"The moral of this story: Never trust a Democrat, even if he says he is pro-life." writes: Regarding the following: Well, what did you expect? What few pro-lifers there are in the Democratic party have to toe the party line. And that line is: Never feel sorry for unborn children, as the mothers have the right to have them killed. Why Bob Casey Jr. didn't switch to the Republican party knowing the Democratic party's affinity for the killing of unborn children is mind boggling, especially after they made a fool out of his own father. Did he think he was going to change this "Party of Death," into becoming pro-life. When hell freezes over. Satan has a firm grip on his "pride and joy." As usual, the party comes first and Bob Casey just confirmed this. The people in Pennsylvania were hood-winked by Casey. Where are you Rick Santorum? The moral of this story: Never trust a Democrat, even if he says he is pro-lif

Is E. Michael Jones Anti-Semitic?

This a sad day for me. I learned many deep insights from E. Michael Jones. I stopped getting his Culture War magazine a number of years ago because it started sounding anti-Semitic. I hoped Jones would listen to Pope John Paul II and turn away from this path. Today I decided to do a little research. Jones said "This “Judenfeindlichkeit[("hostility-toward-Jews")],” if we use Brumlik’s word, is part of the essence of Catholicism." Paul Tarsax in his blog says: "He will argue that it is founded on religion, but I have never once seen Mr. Jones claim that "part of the essence of Catholicism" is being hostile toward non-Christian Germans, non-Christian French, or non-Christian Chinese. For Mr. Jones, this hostility is to be directed at Jews who reject Christ, and any Hebrew living today who is not a Christian falls into this category." A better comparison would be "I have never once seen Mr. Jones claim that "part of the essence of Cat