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Hillary & Pope Francis and Media Sex Abuse Cover Ups

Pope Francis, Hillary Clinton and the Media liken Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

However, the evidence shows that Francis, Hillary and the Media have a much better chance of winning a look-alike contest for resembling Hitler than Trump.

They resemble him in one of his most distinguishing traits as a sex-abusing pedophile pervert. reports that two studies "commissioned by the U.S. government during WWII" and a psychological analysis of Hitler said he was a "pedophile" and a "corprophile" (a person who gets perverted sexual pleasure from human feces).'s gay dictionary says the homosexual street term for corprophilia is "scat." The homosexual dictionary defines it as:

"Sexual play involving human feces, including ingestion as well as decorative."

Pope Francis is not a corprophile like the Nazi tyrant. But, he appears to have a fixation on corprophilia since he has twice publicly spoken of this perversion which is rarely spoken of except in exceptionally perverted homosexual websites.

This papal knowledge of the rare perversion of Hitler, which appears on extremely depraved homosexual websites, is understandable since according to Vatican expert Sandro Magister there are a sizable "number of homosexual priests in the circle of his closest collaborators and confidants."

Francis, while a not a pedophile, has protected priests who like Hitler are pedophiles. He is widely known to cover up for and even reinstated back into the priesthood known pedophile sex abusers.

Allegedly sexually abused Juanita Broaddrick who credibly accused Bill Clinton of raping her said Trump apologized. Where is Hillary's apology? She said of Hillary's cover up of Bill's alleged rape of her. It should be added:

Where is the Media's apology for covering up for Clinton's alleged, but credible rape of Broaddrick (especially considering their bringing forward non-credible accusers against Trump of charges not as serious as rape)?

In the footsteps of the Nazi Media, Hillary, Francis and the Media will cover up for sex abuser who they think are fellow ideological comrades and attack anyone whom they think opposes their ideological agenda.

On October 14, Newt Gingrich said that on that day another media accuser of Trump was proven to be a liar.

Why was the Media so fast to bring forward proven liars to accuse Trump?

Doesn't it seem that the Media tactics resembles the Nazi Media tactics of falsely accusing Nazi opponents and covering up Nazi scandals?

Why has the Media been covering up against credible accusers of the Clintons and Francis?

The National Catholic Reporter, the respected journalist Michael Brendan Dougherty and child advocate attorney Elizabeth Yore have provided solid evidence that Francis covered up for pedophile sex abusers and even reinstated to the priesthood a known pedophile, Mauro Inzoli.

Why is the Media covering up Pope Francis's pedophile sex abuse cover up scandals?


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