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This Eloquently Written Book Reveals the Evil

This Eloquently Written Book Reveals the Evil Truth is a rare commodity in today’s media. It has fallen victim to spin, misrepresentation and outright lies. But I’m happy to report that there is truth-cold, hard truth-on the pages of The Hidden Axis of Evil by my friend and colleague Fred Martinez. Some of what he writes is not pleasant. Take, for example, the following passage: “Likewise, liberals replace the Constitution with sex and ethnic power struggles that lead to the breaking of the rule of law. If a president can sexually abuse women and possibly even rape them, then obstruct justice and lie under oath, are we under the rule of law?” This is one of many points not covered in today’s media. Nor is there any serious discussion of the true sources of much of what is wrong with America, such as: - “Freud…profoundly changed America from a Christian culture to a therapeutic or self-centered culture.” -“Homosexuality is one of the causes the networks will cover up and defend at

How does Planned Parenthood explain this? California Catholic Daily October 17, 2007 How does Planned Parenthood explain this? Rate of sexually-transmitted diseases soars among young Californians A study published last month in the Californian Journal of Health Promotion reports that in 2005 there were 1.1 million new cases of sexually-transmitted infections among young people in California. The 1.1 million figure is ten times higher than previously believed, and it means that in the 15-24 age group, diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV and HIV now infect almost one out of every four young Californians. Is this because of a lack of sex-ed in the public schools? Apparently not. According to Chris Weinkopf, editorial-page editor of the Los Angeles Daily News, the California Department of Education reports that "96 percent of California school districts provide comprehensive sexual health education" and

"The REAL apology that is owed by Niederauer is for seeing nothing wrong with [homosexual] adoption! "

From Gary Morella [homosexual] Does the Archbishop of San Francisco believe that we were all born yesterday in regard to his incredible statement of apology, which is laughable? The REAL apology that is owed by Niederauer is for not being a good shepherd to his flock by saying nothing to them whatsoever in regard to the abomination that is Most Holy Redeemer Church's blatant public promotion of sodomitic lifestyles. The REAL apology that is owed by Niederauer is for seeing nothing wrong with sodomite adoption! The REAL apology that is owed by Niederaruer is for not publicly condemning, in the strongest terms possible, the filth of the sodomitic Folsom and Castro street fairs, and the promotion of sodomitic lifestyles at the state, county, and city levels, to particularly include San Francisco, with an attitude that is "to heck with the children in his state in complete ignorance of Matthew 18:6!" You make think that you are fooling people, A

Tough Jesuit

Father William Stout says Mass every Sunday at Agnew (hospital for the handicap) Chapel. After Mass, he is surrounded him by people of many nationalities. Father chats and blessing with a natural joy in Spanish, Vietnamese and other tongues. If at any time of day or night you need him -he is there with that same joyfulness. He is a traditional Jesuit Priest whose day job was teaching at the toughest school in Eastside San Jose - Overfelt High. “I wanted to go to the Eastside of San Jose to help the next immigrant people.” Father said, “My family was German and Irish. My brother and I were the first to graduate from college in the family. The Mexicans were the next group of immigrants we ought to help” The Jesuits had hoped to have a Catholic High school in the Eastside of San Jose. But, in 1984 since no Catholic school was build, Father Stout proposed to the Jesuit provincial that he get hired at Overfelt in math- to help the kids from Mexico with problems in English. Teaching for ov

Is Our Lady of Guadalupe a Jewish maiden or a Indian Princess?

Fred, The gentleman you worked with at AFC indicated that her [Our Lady of Guadalupe image] dress and appearance are more appropriate to the Jewish maiden. Wanted to see if there is further documentation on this. Most scholarly works these days do not take this point and so, agreeably, it is difficult to maintain the position without little support. Unless you take GK's text as maxim and law that the majority has rarely, if ever, been in the right. Dear Sir, Have you heard of Dr. Charles Wahlig, the nuclear physicist, who studied the image of OLG as well as the reflection of the images in her eyes of Juan Diego and others. In a 1980's Apostolate for Family Consecration (AFC) video, which I appeared on, Wahlig said that someone had painted OLG a darker complexion such as a Mexican Indian would have over the original image. According to the physicist on examining the image closely OLG had a lighter complexion like a Jewish woman would have. Wahlig also said in the video that

Father Sweeny's Solution to the Crisis of our Time?

Father Sweeny's Solution to the Crisis of our Time? I found an insightful article on the dangers of the occult called Therapeutic Religion by Carrie Tomko. (Carrie’s article is posted below.) She showed, using an article that I wrote on how secular psychology lead to the sex abuse scandal, that the real battle of our epoch and every epoch is spiritual. Tomko explains: “Since Eden nothing has changed. The serpent still whispers; and like Eve, sometimes we listen. The conscience can be silenced so that the only voice we hear is the voice of our own sinfulness. This voice of sinfulness was let loose without brakes when psychology invaded religion.” Secular psychology which is the new religion of America promotes a mindset that denies our need for a relationship with God. Sometimes Oprah or Dr. Phil gives a nod to God, but the message is always the same: “ What is needed are not God and His Forgiveness, but for a self to reach the fullness of its self.” Oprah and Dr. Phil have m

How Do We End the Bloody Tuesday Nightmare?

How Do We End the Bloody Tuesday Nightmare? Operation Rescue rightly called election 2006 Bloody Tuesday. Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said: “America has voted and the bloody results have placed the most vulnerable among us, the pre-born, in the cross-hair for continued extermination.” There is only one way to end the Bloody Tuesday Nightmare. It is not by pointing fingers, but by understanding what happened and praying to God to help us do His will. Dr. Theresa Burke's book on post-abortion therapy, Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion, shows us that America has become a nightmare culture caused by trauma. Burke applies psychology to cure this trauma, but says that the abortion trauma can only be completely healed if one asks for and receives God's mercy. If the grief of abortion is not healed, then the world becomes a Freddy Krueger-like nightmare. Burke maintains that the horror icons of the United States such as Freddy Krueger and the "evil chi

Catholic Schools and Homosexuality

Catholic Schools and Homosexuality On September 6th, 2001, the Wanderer reported Zogby International in a survey of 1,003 high school students found that 80% of Catholic seniors believe homosexuals should have the right to marry while only two-thirds of the total of all demographic high school senior groups in the survey claimed gay marriages should be legal. In recent polls only "about one-third of adults" said gay marriages should be legal. Dennis Gilbert of Hamilton College, in Clinton, N.Y., who did the survey, said that “large majorities of seniors take pro-gay positions on relevant gay issues. And virtually every definable demographic group took these positions,“ apart from evangelical or “born-again” Christians, said the Wanderer. Father X, a priest in the San Jose Diocese who must remain anonymous, the diocese document "Pastoral Guidelines for Ministry to Homosexuals in the Diocese of San Jose "contributes to the ethical confusion on homosexuality among

A New Rosary Evangelization

A New Rosary Evangelization J has been involved in a threefold ministry of reaching out to help, bringing God into everyday conversation and introducing "persons to the gospel rosary." His real name is James Wallace, but everyone in the streets and veterans hospital call him J. Veteran Marcia Nagles,outpatient at Menlo Park Veterans Hospital, says ”J make you feel like part of the family.” She was sitting in a hospital corner in 1990 when he said 'You don’t look like your doing well, do you want to talk?'” Marcia said, “He shopped, picked things up, walked me home, got me to daily mass and rosary. He made me a better Catholic and I’m a convert." J says "Marcia and many like her are my family, now. Nagles connected with me because when she converted to Catholicism in 1964 her family kicked her out. J own family booted him out in 1985 “because of military Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] and an antsy personality.” The lay ministry began with fami

McCain says US " a Christian Nation."

I don't trust McCain, but he is at least pro-life unlike pro-abort Giuliani, maybe ex-abort Romney and Planned Parenthood Thompson. Fred Christian Coalition Blogger Says Senator McCain May Win Presidency with 'America is a Christian Nation' Comments WASHINGTON, October 2 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christian Coalition of America blogger, Jim Backlin, comments about Senator John McCain's "America is a Christian nation" remarks: In a Christian Coalition of America blog entry entitled: "McCain's 'America is a Christian Nation' Comments Might Make Him President," Jim Backlin said: "Comments like 'America was founded on Christian principles' by Senator John McCain just might make him president. In an interview last Saturday with a Christian-oriented website called Beliefnet, Senator McCain stated that "I just have to say in all candor that since this nation was founded primarily on Christian principles, personally, I would p

Gay Smear Campaign to Google Brazilian family advocate Julio Severo had his website taken down by Google for three days after a smear campaign by homosexual militants. The following article is reprinted with permission from Lifesitenews (, which has become one of the world’s leading pro-family sources for news. (To sign up for Lifesite e-updates, click HERE.) Call it homo-fascism, homo-totalitarianism, homo-supremacy or whatever you will, but the “gay” activist movement’s drive to silence opponents is intensifying worldwide. Yet American liberals and homosexual activists alike –with rare exceptions such as lesbian Georgetown University professor Chai Feldblum – play dumb, as if they cannot comprehend how homosexuality-based “rights” (in the guise of sexual orientation “equality”) will erode the freedoms of those who regard homosexual behavior as wrong. We welcome homosexual (and libe